Spring Trends #AskTheSouthernGirls

It's hard to believe Spring is almost here! With the changing of the seasons, comes new trends both in the housing market and in the fashion industry. Your favorite girls are back with what to expect this season and highlights from what they're loving from NYFW!

Current trends:
  • Major trend is downsizing and the "less is more" idea.
  • New trend - "Cloffice" which is basically where women are turning a bedroom into a closet and office combined!
  • Custom Porches- Atlanta is such a great porch-sittin' city and so people are really trying to add character to their home with front and back porches... cool wood designs, built-in fireplace and firepits, and even painting them or adding accent colors like light blue or even red. 

Earlier this month, they attended several shows at NYFW. and here are a few trends they're drooling over:

  • Velvet, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon! Yay! Especially purple and deep green. Everything from couture dresses to jumpers in velvet were stealing the shows.
  • The three F's of 2017... Fur, Fringe, and Florals ... Yes yes, and yes!
  • Athleisure #duh, our favorite, because we live in it!! All the big designers are even jumping on this trend and we are NOT complaining!

PS - If you're looking for comfy and cute athleisure, look no further than Pink Barre. They always have the cutest graphic tees and tank, plus amazing leggings.

As always, feel free to comment below or send me an email. Love to hear what you need help with or questions the Southern Girls can help you answer!


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