What They Carry Ft. Born On Fifth's Emily Hertz

Emily Hertz, a veteran in the fashion industry via gigs at Cosmo, Intermix and, most recently, Spanx, is the well-heeled woman behind Born on Fifth. The fashion and lifestyle blog was created as an ode to Emily’s NYC roots—she was born on Fifth Avenue on the Fifth of October, no less. More than a personal style journal, Born on Fifth highlights fashion and fitness, profiles female entrepreneurs and innovators, and features perhaps the most important person to be born on fifth: Emily’s daughter Elle, born February 5th last year. Visit bornonfifth.com or follow her on Instagram for launch info!

Excited to have Emily featured in my #WhatTheyCarry series! As I always say, you can tell a lot about a lady by how she carries herself, but also by what she carries in her bag. Let's see what this fashionista keeps in that black beauty!

  • My gift to myself after eight years at Spanx was this Hermes Birkin. I got it second hand at Bella Bag, which is just down the street. I love this bag for its timeless nature…I know I’ll be able to pass it down to my daughter one day. I also read recently that Birkin bags are better investments than gold! 

  • These Celine sunglasses are always in my bag…even if most of the time I forget to put them on my face (see above photo!) 
  • Having a baby has definitely changed the contents of my bag a bit…I end up with spare bows like this Baby Bling headband, a favorite of ours since the material is stretchy and comfortable. 
  • Elle’s in teething mode right now, so it’s important to have something for her to chew on with me at all times. This marble and wood teether is among the chicest baby items I’ve found. 
  • My YSL BabyDoll mascara is really the only makeup I wear (I need a beauty tutorial…badly). I bought this one at Woo Cosmetics recently because I loved the name…turns out it’s great on my lashes. 
  • I always have my cell phone on me (full disclosure: it’s typically in my hand, not my purse). Casemate makes my favorite Naked cases…though I just got a Lumee that I’m excited to try. 

  • I’ve found bun cuffs are great for perfecting top knots. 
  • Carrying pencils is something that I’ve started to do more recently…I have an old school calendar and penciling things in is easier than striking through if something changes (which, of course, it does). This pencil is a souvenir from a trip I took last year, to the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc. 
  • My Chanel card holder is always over-stuffed…I was given this wallet-alternative as a birthday gift a few years ago. 
  • Purell makes these mini, perfect-for-purse sizes…this one is great because I can connect it to the side of my bag for quick access. Another plus: they’re easy to find at Target and Publix.
  • Never know when you’re going to get something stuck in your teeth…so I like to make sure that I have a little floss on me at all times. 
  • These coconut chips are my favorite snack lately…they curb that afternoon sugar craving, the healthy fat keeps me full and I often times mix almonds in this pouch to make my own little snack mix. Bonus, I love the name of the brand!

Thanks to this chic mama, Emily, for giving us a look into her classic bag. If you LOVE this series (like I do), let me know in the comments below! And if you have a blogger and/or influencer who you would like to see on here -- let me know down below, too!



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