What They Carry Ft. Atlanta Falcons' Digital Content Producer, Kelsey Conway

Hello, lovely friends! It's time for another addition of #WhatTheyCarry!

When I started this series, my vision was to bring you one step closer to some of my favorite bloggers, influencers and girl bosses -- well this girl is no exception! Kelsey Conway is the Digital Content Producer for the Atlanta Falcons. She writes, reports and produces content for the Atlanta Falcons. Talk about #girlboss!


I'm literally on the go all the time for half of the year, so my purse is home to all of my necessities.
  • Michael Kors change purse: Because my bag is so big, I need a smaller purse inside of it. I wanted a soft one, because my bag gets thrown around sometimes (and really full). I keep my ID, credit cards, etc. in there!
  • Beats by Dre headphones: I try to run as much as possible and never really know when I'll be able to get one in, so I try to keep them in my purse at all times. They are amazing and for people who run a lot and rely on music to get them through, I swear by them! 
  • Urban Outfitters perfume: I always have perfume on, and the one in my bag is one I bought from Urban Outfitters. I love trying new perfumes and love this scent! It's Pistachio Brûlée. 
  • No-damage ponytail holder: I seriously don't know what I was doing before these things became popular. These hair bands have saved my hair because I throw my hair up all the time and they don't rip your hair out.
  • YSL lipstick: I love lipstick! One day I randomly went to the makeup counters to try on different brands and loved the YSL ones. 
  • Lancome lipstick: I love anything Lancome! It's such a reliable brand.
  • Bath & Body Works hand lotion: This is just a small one I was given as a present from Bath & Body Works. always like to have lotion in my bag!
  • Benefit mascara: They're Real from Benefit is the real deal. I bought the little one at Ulta, and wish I had bought the full-size one. It's that good!
  • Urban Decay eyeliner: I always have eyeliner on and this is just the newest brand I am trying, super light and stays on for a long time.


Thanks again to this girl boss, Kelsey, for showing off her daily essentials! Wishing you the best of luck the remainder of the season. Be sure to follow her on Twitter!

If you interested in being a part of this fun series, please send me an e-mail OR leave a comment on this post!


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