5 Reality Checks You Need To Have Right Now

After turning another year older last week (the big 2-9), it has caused me to start thinking about where I am in my life right now. As a little girl, I thought by 29 I would have "it together!" Well, life has a funny way of not always going according to "our plan." In the past, I've struggled with not always keep it 100. But after my birthday this year, I made a list of five things I (and I'm sure some of you reading) need to recognize. And not sweat all the small stuff. Channeling Glamour's 'Hey, It's OK' column...

5 Reality Checks You Need To Have Right Now 

1. It's OK ... if you are not in your dream job right now. Sure you may have graduated, have a stacked resume and just not caught that break yet. Keep going and staying connected with people in the industry where you want to work! I've found recently, it's all about timing. Stay positive and true to yourself! While you may have an idea of your "dream job," God may have a different plan for you. One that is more than you could have ever imagined!

2. It's OK ... if you're not engaged. This goes back to my our plan (let's be real) we had as little girls. It's 2016, and times have changed. So the next time you see a high school friend's FB status or a perfectly staged Insta post, don't sweat it. Your time will come! I can say this, because I'm not :)

3. It's OK ... if you are on the job hunt. This one comes from my current situation. While I had a certain plan for my life, being on the job hunt the past few months was not in the "plan." But it has opened my eyes to several things. One of them being, that people do care. People I didn't even know. While it can be trying at times, it's showed me that things do happen for a reason and that people have been placed in my life for a purpose. Be grateful and thankful for the people who make an effort to help you when going through a tough time. You never know when you'll need to be that kind of person for someone else!

4. It's OK ... if you've fallen off the workout wagon. Whether you've hit a plateau, missed a couple weeks at the gym or can't seem to stick with a workout to save your life...it's OK! I speak from experience when I say that finding what works for YOU takes time. Just because your girlfriend loves yoga doesn't mean you need to love yoga. I suggest trying a bunch of different studios, classes, instructors, etc. You'll know when you find what works for you! For me, Pink Barre is my jam. I knew it was the workout for me. when I found myself NOT looking at the clock. Class flies by and I am constantly challenged with every workout. So, if you've fallen off the wagon...don't sweat it. Try something new and mix it up!

5. It's OK ... to not have it all figured out. This one could not be more true for me right now. Being on the job hunt means that I have to be OK with the unknown. While I know the field I would love to work in, I can only put my best foot forward. This applies to every area of life. Whether you're on the job hunt, a new mom, a recent graduate, bride-to-be, or girl boss trying to do your thing..it's OK to not have all your ducks in a row. You're doing the best you can with what you have! So, cut yourself a break, because you're pretty awesome!

Hope this helps one of you lovely ladies out there! I know we like to act like we are tough and have it all together, but sometimes it's refreshing and even comforting to know that one of us has been there before.

Till next time!



  1. Love this Kelly! All are so true. Sending positive vibes that a job you're passionate about comes your way soon!

    1. Aw, thanks Ashley! I appreciate all the positive vibes sent my way! Hope to see you around town soon :)

  2. #Preach! This post helped turn my day around, it is exactly what I needed to hear!