Milestones - Celebrate the Big & Small Things

Last week, I hit a HUGE milestone at Pink Barre -- I joined Club 100! 100 classes under my belt  tutu. Wow!

As I think back to my first class, it's caused me to reflect on my fitness journey. After graduating from high school, where I played volleyball and swam, I did not workout for a couple of years. Being a college student and getting used to a new environment, working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle fell to the bottom of my list. I realized during my Junior year that something needed to change. Eight years later, it's humbling to see how far I've come. That if you put your mind to something -- you can achieve ANYTHING! Does it happen over night? Heck no. Will it involve sacrifices? You better believe it. But is it worth it? 100%, yes!

That's why I am a firm believer in celebrating the big and little things in life! Say you love soda, and went a week without having one. That's huge! Or you started working out for the first time in years (aka my story), and set your goal at twice a week. You go girl! Everyone's big and small accomplishments are unique, but each should be celebrated!

Hitting 100 classes was a major accomplishment for me, and I chose (well it's the Pink Barre way of celebrating) to wear a pink tutu in reaching that mark! So next time you hit a milestone, whether it be big or small, CELEBRATE! Life is too short not to.


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  1. Thanks for the sweet reminder Kelly that life must be celebrated. For that, I want to celebrate that I lost around 6 pounds doing the 3 Day Military diet. Well, I’m not a dieting fan but this time, I have to jumpstart my weight loss regimen since my brother is getting married in 3 weeks! The diet is doable and for short-term, it’s pretty decent and straightforward. There’s a set meal plans of low carb food that I love. There’s calorie counting and portion control so it made me realize that hey, this is pretty clever. I often prided myself in eating whatever I like as long as it is low fat. Sadly, that turned out to be why I’m not losing weight at all. There ARE good fats and I just have to know which one to use everyday. After the diet, I plan to start it again after 4 days to see if I can lose more weight. I also started a food diary to help me be accountable to what I ate. Thanks again for reminding me that I should celebrate even the little things in life. For a great resource page where you can know about the military diet – please make a review for readers like me! Here’s the link http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/diet-plan/military-diet-day-2.html