Weekend Event - Barre for Runners

As a girl who loves working out, you may find it hard to believe that running is not my go to for cardio. But according to an article on Fitnessmagazine.com, barre can be a great workout to incorporate into your training if you're a runner,

"Healthy runners, on the other hand, are encouraged to attend barre classes on days when they're not hitting the pavement. "Barre classes can be a great way to cross train and focus on core strength and stability," says Scrementi. Most importantly, runners should focus on core and hip-strengthening exercises. "It doesn't matter what type of cross training you are doing—weights or barre—but that you are sticking with a program that you enjoy."

Pink Barre owner, Tara, is a former Physical Therapist, so this class will tap into the benefits that runners can receive from practicing barre. And this Sunday (July 17th), you have the opportunity to take a free class tailored specifically for runners! Learn how you can become a healthier, stronger runner while supporting a member of the Pink Barre family, Amanda Kowaleski, in her upcoming marathon in NYC! Reserve your mat now!

See you at the barre. 


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