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I'm in a season in my life, where my friends are getting married, settling down and looking to buy their first home! So, when my good friend, Allise (who just so happens to work at Harry Norman), mentioned she wanted to team up with me on a fun series, I couldn't say "yes" fast enough! Allise's positive attitude and bubbly personality, make her a go-to realtor in Atlanta. Oh, and she may bring you a thoughtful gift once closing on your house!

With 'Ask Allise,' I will be taking your questions from the comments section, as well as on Twitter using the #AskAllise! For the initial launch, Allise rounded up a list of her Top Ten Buyers Tips.

Top Ten Buyer Tips 
  • Start working with a lender NOW!! The sooner the better. Lenders can help guide you in the right direction, even a year before your purchase. They can offer guidance about many things like taxes and insurance that you can not get from anyone else. 
  • Be curious...Don't Be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions when it comes to making the largest purchase of your life! 
  • Use a REALTOR®! Sellers pay for the commission costs, so there is no reason not to use one. Not all licensed agents are REALTORS® and as a REALTOR®, we pay to be apart of an organization that holds a higher standard of ethics. All REALTORS® are not created equal! It's okay to shop around to find the best fit for you and your needs. Side Note: Your relative or best friend might not always be the best option, it can cause tension on relationships...true story! : ) 
  • Do NOT get into a bidding war and over pay for the house. If the price is right then it might be okay to offer full asking, but be cautious that you don't pay more than what you can sell it for if the market stabilizes or goes down. 

  • Remember, if you LOVE a house then odds are at least a handful of other buyers feel the same. So, be prepared when you find the right house it probably won't be on the market for long. You should be ready to submit an offer and have the pre-qualification letter attached. 
  • Always get a survey and title insurance...better safe than sorry! No need to try and cut corners when it comes to the biggest purchase of your life. 
  • Ask your friends to look for coming soon signs in your favorite neighborhoods and listen for upcoming listings...because it's always better to get a jump start and know before it hits the market. I have had a couple clients who found their homes through friends and through the NextDoor app. 
  • Don't be House Poor. You might be able to "Buy" a house, but can you really afford it? There are a lot of other expenses that go into buying a house. Maintenance, Insurance, HOA dues, the list continues. Know your comfort level and prepare a budget before you start house-hunting. 
  • Take as much time as you would like to purchase a home. Don't let anyone rush you. This is the most important purchase of your life and you deserve to feel 150% confident in your decision.
  • Prepare now!! Check credit scores. Collect W2s from the past three years. And again, it is never too early to start working with a lender. 

 If you're in the market to buy a home, Allise is ready to help you find the right one for you! Feel free to send her an email with any questions you may have. 

In the meantime, be sure comment below with any and all housing Q's, or #AskAllise on Twitter!
 Until next month!


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