Canadian Tuxedo + Pop of Color

Old Navy Chambray Shirt, H&M Skinny High Ankle Jeans, Urban Outfitter Mercury Brow Bar Sunglasses, Oka-B (c/o) Taylor Ballet Flat in Coral

Hello, friends! I want to take a little time before I get into my latest post to apologize for falling off the map. I have missed you all dearly, and am excited to be back! During my hiatus, I took some time to think about where I want to take Kale Me Kelly. Since this blog is an extension of who I am, I feel it's only natural to evolve the blog as I evolve myself. I'm excited to announce that I'll be moving into fashion & beauty, and will continue to talk all things food & fitness. I hope you'll support me in this new chapter, and am open to feedback as I do! But, enough about me...let's talk FASHION!

I'm a huge denim lover. HUGE! So, when I'm not at the office, you better believe I'm out and about in my skinny jeans. I also love finding new ways of pairing denim on denim (aka the infamous Canadian Tuxedo) with different accessories. It's my go-to weekend look! 

Recently, I took a road trip over to Athens and spent a little QT with my younger sister and photographer extraordinaire (she actually shot these)! I felt like I was in college all over, as we walked around UGA's campus. Beautiful place to be this time of year! 

The thing I love about this look is how easy, yet how timeless it can be! I decided to show off the same look, but change up the shoe. These Oka-B ballet flats are so fun! Their colors are unique and for a tall girl (I'm just shy of 6 feet), I love being able to throw these on and run out the door. 

Photography: Blair Boring
Old Navy Chambray Shirt, H&M Skinny High Ankle Jeans, Urban Outfitter Mercury Brow Bar Sunglasses, Oka-B (c/o) Julianne Flat Ballet Flat in Signature Blue 

Whether you're running errands or enjoying a lovely weekend out of town, Oka-B's flats are the perfect addition to any outfit! I will definitely be packing a pair (or three #overpacker) during my travels this summer!


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