Meet Your Bar(re) Tender: Allise

For those that follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook -- you know I'm always tucking it out at Pink Barre! I mean #IWillTuckForTacos

Over the past few months, I've grown to not only love the workout (ok, I'll admit sometimes it's a love/hate, but totally worth the end result), but the instructors are just as amazing! This month I'm featuring Allise, who's infectious personality and love for barre makes taking her class fun (highly recommend her Barre Cardio class, which she created)!

I recently had the chance to interview one of my favorite instructors (they're all fab, btw), and found out she's "just like us!"

You are amazing, and have such a passion for Pink Barre! How did you get connected with the studio?

A: Well, long story short, I met a guy! I owned a barre studio in Tallahassee and when we got married I decided to sell the studio and move to Atlanta to be with my husband. I tried all the studios out to see where I fit in and here I am! Pink Barre is like my family.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is something that's super important for me. In between work, working out, teaching class, and socializing -- how do you juggle it all?

A: I think it is important just to listen to your body and learn how to sometimes say “no." I struggle with the second part of that sentence every single day! Luckily, teaching barre classes gives me the opportunity to get paid to be active. I love barre and that is my happy hour. I get to socialize with my friends and gossip…it is just a healthier type of happy hour!

In between being a real estate agent, Pink Barre instructor, wife, and the list goes on -- what do you eat throughout the day to keep you going?

A: My diet is a WIP (work in progress). My husband has Celiac’s Disease, so he can’t eat any gluten. And we recently started working on limiting complex carbs out of our diet too, because of health reasons. I am learning a lot about eating five smaller meals a day and keeping a very level diet. It is so hard because I grew up eating anything and everything I wanted. Basically it consists of lots of meats, fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. I am obsessed with acai bowls right now! I love Detox and Kale Me Crazy, but I think Jamba Juice has my favorite bowls. I try to cook dinner as much as I can, but I keep it simple or I will talk myself out of cooking all together if it takes more than 25 minutes.

We all have that one vice, again with the issue of balance, what's yours?

A: Ummm, just one? I have like ten…or more. I can’t go very long without lattes, wine and chocolate. I am human, after all.

I love your Barre Cardio class! How would you explain the difference between Barre Classic and Barre Cardio? 

A: Barre Cardio is killer! It has a lot more full range motion and it is non-stop. There is no need for a recovery day with a Barre Classic class, but I would suggest taking a recovery day with Barre Cardio. Barre Cardio was designed by me and I designed it to be only taken once (maybe twice) a week as an addition to your weekly barre routine. It is a blast though!!

What do you love most about Pink Barre?

A: I think that Pink Barre has the best personalities, not just the employees but the clients as well. I love being in a room full of chatty girls and the energy is just infectious! No one is perfect, and we don’t claim to be. Tara, the founder, really strives to be the best in the community, and it’s not for the money, it is to help people love their body!

With the society we live in today, image is everything. And as women, we place a huge amount of pressure on how we present ourselves. How do you choose to inspire those who take your classes? 

A: OMG, Instagram is a nightmare right? You can’t scroll too far and not see a picture of Kayla Itsines, TIU girls, and other unrealistic bodies in tiny outfits. First of all, who is really that tan? Second, have you seen what they eat (or not eat)? But in all seriousness, your appearance is only a small part of your health. Being happy and enjoying your life is much more. Like once wise person said, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”. : )

You mentioned your vice earlier, so where is your favorite spot in Atlanta to indulge?

A: My husband and I frequent Menchie’s…so many options, so little cup!

In addition to Pink Barre, do you workout outside of teaching those classes? If so, how many times a week?

A: I LOVE walking. My friend Carrie and I try to walk twice a week. Sometimes we run, but walking is more enjoyable…it is a fast walk though! I love kickboxing, I try to go once a week to get all of my aggression out. I feel like such a badass after!

For those ladies who are on their journey to creating a healthy lifestyle, what words of encouragement would you give them?

A: Probably the most important thing is to remember that not everything is a competition, but if you are competitive like me then look at your life as a marathon and not a sprint. Slow and steady, and it’s okay to stop and take a break every once in awhile! And like I said before, no one is perfect!!!!

Huge thank you to Allise for being a part of this fun series for Pink Barre! If you're interested in joining me for a class, e-mail me or leave a comment below. 



What They Carry Ft. The Skinny Confidential's Lauryn Evarts

I'm so excited to be bringing one of my favorite series back...and with a BANG! Having a fan girl moment, because the one and only Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential is letting us peek into her bag this week! If you haven't heard of her, I'm assuming you live under a rock. I kid, I kid. But she's an amazing #GirlBoss who I can definitely see myself being BFFs with...right Lauryn?

The Skinny Confidential is all about creating a healthy lifestyle through balance. Think kale in one hand, champagne in the other. Lauryn created The Skinny Confidential while studying at San Diego State University. She was inspired to create a platform for women to connect through her tips & tricks, as well as their own. Since then, the blog has grown into a full-on lifestyle brand, book, fitness guide, YouTube channel & social network, with a product line coming soon. The blog is her home base, where she shares recipes, workouts, fashion, home d├ęcor, travel itineraries, personal stories, & more. You can also find her actively engaging on social media; Snapchat (@LAURYNEVARTS) is her current favorite!

Now for the fun part! Here's the 411 on Lauryn's daily essentials:

  • Alligator Clips: I use these little suckers RELIGIOUSLY. The Sleep Bun will save curls & give you perfect mermaid hair. You can use it daily too just to keep your hair out of your face. The best part is that they won’t damage your hair. 
  • TSC Business Cards: You never know who you’ll meet. You definitely want to be ready to share your contact info whether you’re out with friends, at the car wash, or on an airplane. 
  • Pink Eyebrow Brushes: Every woman should be armed with eyebrow brushes. Throw them in your purse, car, desk drawers, boyfriend’s car, KEEP THEM EVERYWHERE. Brushing your eyebrows up gives your face a serious LIFT. See this eyebrow tutorial for more info. 
  • Lip Fusion XXL: Who doesn’t want a little lip plump throughout the day? This lip plumper is the most effective one yet. You’ll notice a HUGE difference, especially if you use it regularly. KYLIE JENNER style. 
  • Sunglasses: This is probably a staple in every girl’s purse during summer. Gotta protect those eyes & skin around them from harmful sun rays! 
  • Time Cube: Time blocking is HUGE for increasing productivity. Keep it in your purse so that no matter where you’re working - at home, in your office, at a coffee shop - you can be the most productive & efficient version of yourself. More on time blocking HERE
  • Bling Wipes: These are the best wipes for giving your jewelry, engagement ring, or dog’s name tag (YES I polish both Pixy & Boone’s bling ) a quick clean & polish. They’re also super easy & convenient to carry in your bag. 
  • Dry Shampoo: When you wash your hair as little as I do, you’ll need this in your bag. Giving yourself a little spritz of dry shampoo after a workout or just to liven things up is ESSENTIAL. 
  • Glossier Highlighter: This highlighter is a total game changer. Reapply if you feel like your face needs some brightness or a quick contour. 
  • Cute Pens: One of the best habits you can get into is writing down inspiration wherever you find it. All you need is a pen & a cute little notebook, you’ll be shocked at how many AMAZING ideas you get every day.
Huge thank you to Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential for letting us into your bag! I know I'll be running out to pick up the Lip Fusion XXL and Glossier Highlighter STAT. If you LOVE this series, comment below & let me know who you want to see featured on the blog!



Home, Home on the Range


I love when new stores come to my neighborhood (or in this case relocate to my 'hood)! I recently had the opportunity to work with the lovely ladies over at Range Boutique. When Sabrina Davis, the stylish owner, invited me in for a personal style session -- I obviously said "yes," immediately. 

For you ladies who have not heard of Range Boutique, shame on you. Kidding! But seriously, Range Boutique opened in September 2007, in the same space as it’s in-store bead and jewelry shop, Brina Beads, Davis welcomes everyone to the California Southern Style boutique, where every four to six weeks she curates a tightly-edited combo of dresses, tops and T’s that can take you from a casual work day, to weekends, to a night our on the town in utmost style. Featuring mostly Los Angeles-based designers intermixed with local Atlanta designers, Davis hand-picks each and every piece of clothing in the store and has used her California style of dressing to influence Atlanta's most savvy & sassy shoppers.  

It's easy to see why ladies in the city keep coming back! Sabrina has a talented team of ladies who work with you on creating cool looks and really listen to what you like. 

During my personal styling session, I tried on tons of unique pieces and looks. I'm always up for trying something new, and the ladies at Range gave me the confidence to rock pieces I would not have normally picked out.

This look above is me to a t(ee). I could love in denim, and do when I'm not in yoga pants. It's a classic look, that is taken up a notch with this asymmetrical tee. Perfect with booties or rocking with leather pants in the fall!

I had such a great time with all the ladies at Range, and ended up taking a few of the pieces I was styled in home! 

Have a feeling I'm going to live in this sleeveless silk vest -- I mean it's amazing! Paired with my new go-to silk tank. And these two pieces can easily be dressed up or down. I work the vest and tank recently with a pair of leather shorts and heels in Chicago! Love these new closet staples!

So, if you've got an upcoming vacay or just "need" to indulge in some retail therapy -- head on over to Range Boutique's new Buckhead location ASAP! And tell Sabrina and the girls I sent you.

PS - Check out Instagram for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Range Boutique! 

Until next time, style rangers...



Canadian Tuxedo + Pop of Color

Old Navy Chambray Shirt, H&M Skinny High Ankle Jeans, Urban Outfitter Mercury Brow Bar Sunglasses, Oka-B (c/o) Taylor Ballet Flat in Coral

Hello, friends! I want to take a little time before I get into my latest post to apologize for falling off the map. I have missed you all dearly, and am excited to be back! During my hiatus, I took some time to think about where I want to take Kale Me Kelly. Since this blog is an extension of who I am, I feel it's only natural to evolve the blog as I evolve myself. I'm excited to announce that I'll be moving into fashion & beauty, and will continue to talk all things food & fitness. I hope you'll support me in this new chapter, and am open to feedback as I do! But, enough about me...let's talk FASHION!

I'm a huge denim lover. HUGE! So, when I'm not at the office, you better believe I'm out and about in my skinny jeans. I also love finding new ways of pairing denim on denim (aka the infamous Canadian Tuxedo) with different accessories. It's my go-to weekend look! 

Recently, I took a road trip over to Athens and spent a little QT with my younger sister and photographer extraordinaire (she actually shot these)! I felt like I was in college all over, as we walked around UGA's campus. Beautiful place to be this time of year! 

The thing I love about this look is how easy, yet how timeless it can be! I decided to show off the same look, but change up the shoe. These Oka-B ballet flats are so fun! Their colors are unique and for a tall girl (I'm just shy of 6 feet), I love being able to throw these on and run out the door. 

Photography: Blair Boring
Old Navy Chambray Shirt, H&M Skinny High Ankle Jeans, Urban Outfitter Mercury Brow Bar Sunglasses, Oka-B (c/o) Julianne Flat Ballet Flat in Signature Blue 

Whether you're running errands or enjoying a lovely weekend out of town, Oka-B's flats are the perfect addition to any outfit! I will definitely be packing a pair (or three #overpacker) during my travels this summer!