BURN, Baby Burn

Living in Atlanta, we are surrounded with the latest and greatest when it comes to fitness studios! Lately, I've been getting my sweat on at BURN Studios (located in Brookhaven) and LOVE it. From a killer kickboxing class to a tranquil yoga offering, there is something for everyone. Seriously, they had a kid's Kickboxing class going on the last time I was in!

BURN Studios is a multi-platform boutique studio. And being the first of its kind, BURN offers heart rate monitor technology that lets clients keep in specific target zones while tracking their performance along the way. And with a state of the art studio that  boasts top notch amenities for its clientele including cycle shoes, kickboxing gloves and a retail section -- what's not to love!

I recently chatted with Jeremy Levison, Owner & Founder of BURN Studios, about his hot, new studio and got the scoop on what you can expect!

Why BURN? 

BURN is an all-inclusive studio that caters to all fitness levels. We offer cycling, kickboxing and yoga. All of our instructors at BURN are well trained in their craft to provide an awesome workout.

Being that the market is super saturated, what makes BURN different? 

We agree the market is saturated with studios. For that very reason, we came up with concept of BURN. BURN is the only studio in Atlanta(or anywhere) that offers cycling, kickboxing and yoga. BURN also has top- notch technology with state of the art metrics that allow you to actually see the calories that YOU are BURNING individually.

From cycling to yoga, you guys have tons of variety! What is your long-term vision for BURN? 

Our long term vision is to have multiple not just in Atlanta but around the country as well. We are confident in our model and know it will take a little time but our goal is that when people think of a fitness studio BURN is their FIRST choice!

Being that I get bored with my workouts, I find it hard to get BURNed out at this studio! It is the perfect balance for me and the weekly routine I try and stick to. I normally do a few days of strength training (or kickboxing), a few days of cardio (their Cycle class is amazing) and at least a day of yoga. Yoga has been a breath of fresh air for me. Even though the beginning can be rough, hello my legs can not move that way, it's a great practice to include in your workout routine. We need to put more energy into stretching and relaxing our minds.

Check out the full class schedule here and below I've included each class description BURN has to offer! Bonus: Each new client pays less than $30 for an UNLIMITED week! Seriously, what's holding you back?

BURN classes include:
  • BURN Cycle (45-minute workout that features a series of hills, flats, downhills, sprints, and a light upper body workout all spun out to high energy music)
  • BURNBOX (45-minute full-body, fat-burning, muscle-toning workout that blends the use of heavy bags with strikes, kicks, core and interval training)
  • BURN BODY YOGA (the perfect low impact complement to the other workouts offered at BURN)
  • BURN SCULPT (unique to BURN it combines the "Power of Three' - pilates, barre and yoga through poses, balance and free weights.

BURN Studios swag bag up for grabs! Submit your drawing via e-mail to kmboring@gmail.com. I will pick the WINNER this Friday, February 5!

Go on and get yo fitness on! 

Thanks to Hannah at Huffines PR and Jeremy for the free week at BURN and the swag bag for a lucky reader!

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  1. I've tried Cycle & BurnBox, now I must try the yoga class! Great instructors and location. :)