What They Carry Ft. Atlanta Falcons' Digital Content Producer, Kelsey Conway

Hello, lovely friends! It's time for another addition of #WhatTheyCarry!

When I started this series, my vision was to bring you one step closer to some of my favorite bloggers, influencers and girl bosses -- well this girl is no exception! Kelsey Conway is the Digital Content Producer for the Atlanta Falcons. She writes, reports and produces content for the Atlanta Falcons. Talk about #girlboss!


I'm literally on the go all the time for half of the year, so my purse is home to all of my necessities.
  • Michael Kors change purse: Because my bag is so big, I need a smaller purse inside of it. I wanted a soft one, because my bag gets thrown around sometimes (and really full). I keep my ID, credit cards, etc. in there!
  • Beats by Dre headphones: I try to run as much as possible and never really know when I'll be able to get one in, so I try to keep them in my purse at all times. They are amazing and for people who run a lot and rely on music to get them through, I swear by them! 
  • Urban Outfitters perfume: I always have perfume on, and the one in my bag is one I bought from Urban Outfitters. I love trying new perfumes and love this scent! It's Pistachio Brûlée. 
  • No-damage ponytail holder: I seriously don't know what I was doing before these things became popular. These hair bands have saved my hair because I throw my hair up all the time and they don't rip your hair out.
  • YSL lipstick: I love lipstick! One day I randomly went to the makeup counters to try on different brands and loved the YSL ones. 
  • Lancome lipstick: I love anything Lancome! It's such a reliable brand.
  • Bath & Body Works hand lotion: This is just a small one I was given as a present from Bath & Body Works. always like to have lotion in my bag!
  • Benefit mascara: They're Real from Benefit is the real deal. I bought the little one at Ulta, and wish I had bought the full-size one. It's that good!
  • Urban Decay eyeliner: I always have eyeliner on and this is just the newest brand I am trying, super light and stays on for a long time.


Thanks again to this girl boss, Kelsey, for showing off her daily essentials! Wishing you the best of luck the remainder of the season. Be sure to follow her on Twitter!

If you interested in being a part of this fun series, please send me an e-mail OR leave a comment on this post!



New Find: Southern Glow on the Go

There are a few things that give me a pep in my step, when it comes to my beauty regime. Fresh highlights, neutral mani and a spray tan! Well listen up all my spray tan lovers, Southern Glow on the Go is my new BFF.

As a long-time tanning addict (yes, I laid in that cancer bed for years), I crossed over to the healthier side years ago and have been spraying ever since! I normally go with a nice mystic tan a few times a month at my local tanning salon, but when I heard about Southern Glow on the Go I decided to give them a try! Ladies, they come to your house! Need I say more?

A couple weeks ago, I had my first appointment with Madeline and could not have been happier with the results! Prior to my appointment, I let her know that my birthday was that week and I wanted to look like I had just been at the beach (the normal request, right?!). Madeline and her business partner Ashley can totally empathize with us addicts! They started Southern Glow on the Go after years of trial and error, and have created a company dedicated to making people feel good from the inside-out!

Well, Madeline did just that with me! I felt radiant and beautiful the night of my birthday! I highly recommend Southern Glow on the Go for you occasional spray tanners, addicts, ladies who love a gorgeous tan for a special event, bride-to-be or just because it's Tuesday in December. These ladies also offer specials for group sessions (aka Girl's Night In), and the hostess/host gets their tan FREE! What's better than drinking champs, catching up with your girls and getting a tan -- am I right?!

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to reach out to the ladies TODAY and book your appointment. Tell Madeline I sent you her way!



Meet Your Bar(re) Tender: Mallory

Time for another edition of Meet Your Bar(re) Tender! As we near the end of 2017, isn't that crazy to think, I love that Pink Barre continues to motivate their clients with fun challenges, pop-ups and instructors that have all the energy (even at 6am)!

This month, I'm featuring one of the fabulous Virginia Highlands instructors, Mallory! Talk about a ball of energy, this chick does it all from teaching and handling the social media for Pink Barre to running her own business, HopefullyPlated, this woman stays busy. But she does it all with a smile on her face and occasionally pink hair! It's no wonder why she was recently named Best Self Atlanta's 'Best Barre Instructor.' #YouGoGirl

Now it's time to meet this inspiring instructor, Mallory!

How did you first connect with Tara and Pink Barre?

M: I grew up dancing in Richmond, Virginia and took a jump into teaching Group Fitness classes at the University of South Carolina. I moved here a little over 2 years ago from Los Angeles and had previously taught Barre at boutique studios in LA. I started my Pink Barre career at the Sandy Springs location and was able to join Tara's newly formed Virginia Highland studio last December. I asked to take on a bigger role in Pink Barre and Tara kindly guided me into a strong Team Leader position for the Virginia Highlands location.

For those who don't know you, you're a girl on the go! You're not only an instructor, but handle the Pink Barre social media channels. What does a typical day look like for you?

M: Yes my days move very quickly. I help with Pink Barre's Instagram. The best way to work on a professional Instagram page is with a plan. I look over the schedule ahead of time in order to find when, what, and how to post. It's best to guide each post with a few key points.. Who is it directed to? What do we wish to portray to our participants? And How do we best engage strong female fitness participants across Atlanta to enjoy Pink Barre. Typically I have a post daily, either personal picture from a client, a fun boomerang from the studio, or a motivational boost on the page.

I'm a #SnackQueen and always like to know what other active ladies keep in their bags! What do you make sure to keep on you?

M: Homemade Trail Mix! I love to make my own mixture. I have a 'Trail Mix Box' Larger quantities of Almonds, Cashews, Dried Fruit (Pineapple/Mangos/Dried Cherries) and a splurge- for example: Macadamia Nuts, Pistachios, & Mini Honey Sesame Sticks. The best part of homemade trail mix is I can balance the ingredients and decide what 'mood' I'm in that week. Luckily, my HopefullyPlated clients always get a share of these mini mixes.

When it comes to your diet, what's your motto?

M: Eat with all your SENSES: Sight, Sound, Taste, Texture, Smell... all very important parts to a healthy balanced diet. I aim for mostly gluten free and dairy free options, but I do not hesitate to enjoy those items in smaller amounts. I am a big proponent on less processed, homemade items. I am spoiled since I cook for a living. I own HopefullyPlated a concierge nutritional planning company. So if I'm craving something I do my best to make it from scratch so I know exactly what has gone into it.

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, but there are always days where you need to #TreatYoSelf. How do you treat yourself?

M: I'm a cookie fairy!! I love making homemade cookies. I have a variety of flours and oils at home that guide my creativity... but my normal go to combination is Peanut Butter & Chocolate.

Where is your favorite healthy spot to dine in the city?

M: My normal go to healthy spots is ethnic cuisine: Cafe Agora in Buckhead, Chai Pani in Decatur, Genki Sushi in Virginia Highlands, We Suki Suki in East Atlanta.. all great spots to find a mix of protein, veggies, and gluten free carbs!

I love how Pink Barre celebrates the little and big things! What do you love most about being about of this family?

M: You said the word already...family. This is truly my family. I love every minute I'm helping, teaching, and discussing Pink Barre. Just like my Schwartz family- I want to support, build, and boost my Pink Barre teammates and participants.

I struggled with my weight and self image for years. What is your advice for ladies that struggle with self confidence?

M: I have a rule I started a few years back. Acknowledge your insecurity and release the energy it holds over you. Every day when I get ready I acknowledge my insecurity: whether it's an issue with my weight, a pimple on my face, a bad mood, or a tired busy day ahead. I verbally acknowledge the mood or attitude I am feeling, but I leave it behind the door. Literally when I leave my house I leave that mood or feeling behind. As long as I can address the issue or moment I can get past it strong enough to move on with my day. BUT the first step is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and in return be a stronger, more confident female.

Why should someone who has never tried out Pink Barre come to a class?

M: Barre is very empowering and I believe every female (or male participant) should find something fun and enjoyable about class. I want people to embrace change and challenges, mentally and physically, that will make them excited to return to Pink Barre.

Tara is such a #GirlBoss, how has she motivated you in your life?

M: By helping me believe that I can... whatever the scenario or idea or busy week. Tara is always there to inspire me to work hard and believe I can conquer whatever challenge may come my way. And when I know I've pushed a little too hard she is there to help wrangle me back! I am a Do'er. Tara and I share that passion to DO it all! She inspires each of us differently and for me it's about saying I can do it!

Huge thank you to Mallory for being a part of this fun series for Pink Barre! If you're interested in joining me for a class, e-mail me or leave a comment below.



5 Reality Checks You Need To Have Right Now

After turning another year older last week (the big 2-9), it has caused me to start thinking about where I am in my life right now. As a little girl, I thought by 29 I would have "it together!" Well, life has a funny way of not always going according to "our plan." In the past, I've struggled with not always keep it 100. But after my birthday this year, I made a list of five things I (and I'm sure some of you reading) need to recognize. And not sweat all the small stuff. Channeling Glamour's 'Hey, It's OK' column...

5 Reality Checks You Need To Have Right Now 

1. It's OK ... if you are not in your dream job right now. Sure you may have graduated, have a stacked resume and just not caught that break yet. Keep going and staying connected with people in the industry where you want to work! I've found recently, it's all about timing. Stay positive and true to yourself! While you may have an idea of your "dream job," God may have a different plan for you. One that is more than you could have ever imagined!

2. It's OK ... if you're not engaged. This goes back to my our plan (let's be real) we had as little girls. It's 2016, and times have changed. So the next time you see a high school friend's FB status or a perfectly staged Insta post, don't sweat it. Your time will come! I can say this, because I'm not :)

3. It's OK ... if you are on the job hunt. This one comes from my current situation. While I had a certain plan for my life, being on the job hunt the past few months was not in the "plan." But it has opened my eyes to several things. One of them being, that people do care. People I didn't even know. While it can be trying at times, it's showed me that things do happen for a reason and that people have been placed in my life for a purpose. Be grateful and thankful for the people who make an effort to help you when going through a tough time. You never know when you'll need to be that kind of person for someone else!

4. It's OK ... if you've fallen off the workout wagon. Whether you've hit a plateau, missed a couple weeks at the gym or can't seem to stick with a workout to save your life...it's OK! I speak from experience when I say that finding what works for YOU takes time. Just because your girlfriend loves yoga doesn't mean you need to love yoga. I suggest trying a bunch of different studios, classes, instructors, etc. You'll know when you find what works for you! For me, Pink Barre is my jam. I knew it was the workout for me. when I found myself NOT looking at the clock. Class flies by and I am constantly challenged with every workout. So, if you've fallen off the wagon...don't sweat it. Try something new and mix it up!

5. It's OK ... to not have it all figured out. This one could not be more true for me right now. Being on the job hunt means that I have to be OK with the unknown. While I know the field I would love to work in, I can only put my best foot forward. This applies to every area of life. Whether you're on the job hunt, a new mom, a recent graduate, bride-to-be, or girl boss trying to do your thing..it's OK to not have all your ducks in a row. You're doing the best you can with what you have! So, cut yourself a break, because you're pretty awesome!

Hope this helps one of you lovely ladies out there! I know we like to act like we are tough and have it all together, but sometimes it's refreshing and even comforting to know that one of us has been there before.

Till next time!



Milestones - Celebrate the Big & Small Things

Last week, I hit a HUGE milestone at Pink Barre -- I joined Club 100! 100 classes under my belt  tutu. Wow!

As I think back to my first class, it's caused me to reflect on my fitness journey. After graduating from high school, where I played volleyball and swam, I did not workout for a couple of years. Being a college student and getting used to a new environment, working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle fell to the bottom of my list. I realized during my Junior year that something needed to change. Eight years later, it's humbling to see how far I've come. That if you put your mind to something -- you can achieve ANYTHING! Does it happen over night? Heck no. Will it involve sacrifices? You better believe it. But is it worth it? 100%, yes!

That's why I am a firm believer in celebrating the big and little things in life! Say you love soda, and went a week without having one. That's huge! Or you started working out for the first time in years (aka my story), and set your goal at twice a week. You go girl! Everyone's big and small accomplishments are unique, but each should be celebrated!

Hitting 100 classes was a major accomplishment for me, and I chose (well it's the Pink Barre way of celebrating) to wear a pink tutu in reaching that mark! So next time you hit a milestone, whether it be big or small, CELEBRATE! Life is too short not to.



#AskAllise - Fall means Football

With Fall right around the corner, I asked Allise to help us homeowners (and future homeowners) out with the best tips for getting your house ready for Fall & football season, we live in the South after all!

Fall and Winter are the best times to buy! You will get the best price for houses during the months of October-February. So now is the time to buy, buy, buy!!

  • When buying a house make sure you have the correct gas hook up, especially if you like to cookout with a gas grill or stove. Love the front porch gas lanterns?!? Again...you need to check what you have to work with! Some houses have gas, but do not have the correct size pipes. Could cost you all your Fantasy Football earnings. 
  • Parking is always something to consider when buying a house and if you already purchased a house think about how to improve it. It will always increase the value of your home to add any additional parking. As Atlanta continues to grow, so will the value. Some garages and parking spots in big cities like NYC and Chicago can go for well over $50,000...just the garage or parking space!!! Your friends will thank you when they come over to watch the big game too!!
  • Yeah marble is great, but do you really want to worry about your crockpot making a stain or chipping the side counter with a bottle of wine?!? Can you tell I have marble?? LOL. It is beautiful, but the stress is enough for my next house or kitchen renovation to go with something a little more durable. I'm a huge fan of silestone, but granite is a safe bet too. Butcher block is questionable. Also, I have seen something new recently that's called neolith...it's beautiful, looks like marble, but more durable. 

Now that Allise has covered what amenities you will need in your new place, it’s time to host a tailgate for all those big games this season!

For me, I love to bring a healthy option to any potluck, Friendsgiving, or tailgate I attend. That way I know I’ll have at least one safe bet! Here are just a few of my favorites: 

  • Kale Caesar Salad - I’m biased, but this is my favorite salad EVER! You need 3-4 ingredients and can whip up this crowd pleaser in under 20 minutes!  
  • Pumpkin Mac ‘N Cheese - This dish is SUPER easy to make and leaves those who love your standard Mac ‘N Cheese, pleasantly surprised! 
  • Gluten-Free Banana Pudding - If you’re from the South, you know there has to be at least one dessert. This Banana Pudding is the bomb.com, seriously! Plus, it’s gluten free (so no calories...kidding). It’s a labor of love, but well worth the wait! Bring this to the next football viewing party, and you’ll score big with your friends! 

Now that you have the expert tips on how to get your house ready for Fall aka football season and the food you’ll need to have in it, it’s time to get that Paperless Post invite ready! 

If you're in the market to buy a home, Allise is ready to help you find the right one for you! Feel free to send her an email with any questions you may have. 

In the meantime, be sure comment below with any and all housing Q's, or #AskAllise on Twitter! Until next month! 

Kel & Allise


#AskAllise - Under the Radar 'Hoods

It's time for another edition of #AskAllie! And this month Allise and I are tag teaming up on neighborhoods that you might not know about. She will be breaking down the 'hoods and I will tell you about my favorite place(s) to eat in each!

Side note: Who here is a huge Fixer Upper fan(atic)?? Think about finding your own hidden gem in one of these 'hoods and getting to be on the show. OK, dreams can happen here people! But here are some awesome places that Allise loves, which are all super affordable.

ITP (Inside the Perimeter)

1. Underwood Hills - Buckhead meets Westside. Less pricey than its neighbor Collier Hills, but still a great place for anyone who wants to be in a great school district.

Kale Me Kelly Restaurant Rec: This 'hood is know for its mexican scene. Between Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Bone Garden Cantina and La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant -- this could be the perfect new spot for you!

2. Kirkwood - East Atlanta's coziest neighborhood. Less expensive than the uber trendy VaHi and Inman Park, but still safe and walkable. Growing like a weed, so hurry before prices on homes are just as high as the others in Decatur!

Kale Me Kelly Restaurant Rec: Think about walking to some of these spots in your new 'hood: The Spotted Trotter, Ration & Dram, and Sun in my Belly.

3. Keswick Village - Brookhaven's hidden treasure. SHHH Don't tell!! Probably some of my favorite houses in Atlanta. Cottage living at its finest!

Kale Me Kelly Restaurant Rec: Warning if you move to this neighborhood, you may become a regular at Kaleidoscope Bistro & Pub. This is my favorite spot for brunch! Bottomless mimosas and a delicious menu!

4. Whittier Mills - A lot of people don't know about this charming neighborhood. Riverside is an up and coming area and I think it's a great investment...not too mention it has a lot of history and ADORABLE homes!

Kale Me Kelly Restaurant Rec: SOHO Restaurant will be your go-to spot for date night! The atmosphere and dining experience is truly exceptional. You can thank me later!

OTP (Outside the Perimeter)

5. Roswell - If you are an outdoor junkie, this is the place to be. The Chattahootchee River and parks boast everything that you will ever need... Run, Hike, Bike, Kayak, Explore. Downtown Roswell is so accessible and the market is hot, but even though the homes are more affordable they don't stay on the market long...if they go on the market at all!

Kale Me Kelly Restaurant Rec: Table & Main is my absolute favorite in Downtown Roswell. This restored cottage showcases inspired seasonal Southern cuisine, a bourbon bar & a garden patio. The menu is constantly changing, but that's what I love about this spot. They use seasonal ingredients and keep it fresh!

6. Indian Hills - If you are like me and you grew up in Suburbia, USA then you should check out Indian Hills in East Cobb. Better be quick to grab up one of the homes before they are all torn down and all that's left are luxury homes. Easy access to interstates and did I mention it sits on a 27 hole golf course, along with trails, bike paths, and so much more.

Kale Me Kelly Restaurant Rec: Chicken Salad Chick! This one is a throwback for me, because going to Auburn University for a couple of years, Chicken Salad Chick was one of my favorite places to grab lunch, because it's just so dang good. You can order a sandwich or take tubs of their various mixes to-go for a bridal shower or really any occasion!

If you're in the market to buy a home, Allise is ready to help you find the right one for you! Feel free to send her an email with any questions you may have.

In the meantime, be sure comment below with any and all housing Q's, or #AskAllise on Twitter! Until next month! 

Kel & Allise


Restaurant Find: SAVOR bar & kitchen

Living in Atlanta my entire life (well aside from college and NYC), I've seen the changes over the years. And it's always baffling to me when I haven't been to a certain restaurant before.

Recently, my sister and resident photog, moved back to the city, so I decided we needed a Friday date night at SAVOR bar & kitchen! Nestled right off the busy interstate that is I-285, SAVOR is this hidden oasis away from all the chaos.

Outfit Deets: Love Sam Top (Kane Boutique) / Paige Denim Skirt (Kane Boutique)  / Forever 21 Clutch (Old), Similar  / Zara Heels 
As we walked into The Westin, we were greeted by the friendly staff and directed to the restaurant down the stairs. As we made our way to the table, the hostess expressed they were happy to have us and hoped we were ready to eat! I don't know about you, but I'm always ready to eat (you do not want to see me #hangry).

Once we were seated, my sister and I both looked over the cocktail menu. I mean nothing says Friday like cocktails, am I right? I opted for the Moonshine Mule (amazing and highlight recommend trying this classic with a twist), while my sister went with a tasty Peach cocktail.

Moonshine Mule + Peach Cocktail

As we sipped on our delicious cocktails, we attempted to select a couple of starters. SAVOR's dinner menu is packed with so many yummy options, that it was a bit overwhelming trying to narrow down which ones we wanted to try. Around this time, Chef John Bjorge came out to introduce himself and tell us about a few of his favorites. As we listened, he told us he would be sending a few additional items out for us to try! The waitress was not joking when she asked if we needed a bigger table.

Cajun Shrimp Skewers / Wicked Okra, Peach Pepper Sauce
Crawfish Beignets / Tabasco Syrup
Mussels' Skillet / Garlic, White Wine, Sea Salt, Grilled Bread
Baked Portobello Caps / Carrots, Celery, Shallot, Bleu Cheese Béchamel

See what I mean?! I can honestly say I enjoyed all of the starters, but if I had to pick one favorite, I would go with the Shrimp Skewers. The sauce on the shrimp is heavenly and not too overpowering.

For the break in between out entrees, my sister and I decided it would be smart to incorporate some greens into our meal. She opted for their Caesar Salad, while I went with the Baby Tuscan Kale Salad. If there is ever a kale salad on the menu, I must try it! I loved their twist on the kale salad, because they kept it somewhat simple. The salad is topped with toasted almonds, parmesan cheese, fried garlic, lemon segments and drizzled with a honey-cider vinaigrette. Hungry yet?

Caesar Salad / Chopped Romaine, Pecorino Cheese, Garlic Croutons, Cherry Tomatoes
Baby Tuscan Kale Salad / Lemon Segments, Toasted Almonds, Parmesan Cheese, Fried Garlic, and Honey-Cider Vinaigrette

I knew after the cocktail, starters and salad, that I would need something fairly light for my entree. I told Chef John that I loved fish! So, he told me he would bring me the Grilled Scottish Salmon for my entree, as well as another fish which I had never had before...Flounder! My sister, Blair, went with the Butternut Squash Ravioli, which tasted like Fall!

Butternut Squash Ravioli / Bartlett Pear and Sage Cream Sauce
Grilled Scottish Salmon / Corn, Lobster, Edamame, Brown Butter
Pecan Crusted Flounder / Honey Butter Sauce

When our server came back by to see how our meals were, he noted that there was still one final course. Since we had just eaten the entire menu, I told him I wanted something small. He mentioned that the serve cute, little "bite!" Just the right amount to finish off a meal!

Almond Joy 

Photography by: Blair Boring
As we wrapped up our evening, we took a walk outside on the gorgeous patio. With twinkling lights and a large fountain in the middle of the pond, I almost forgot I was in the city. And as we walked back through the restaurant we heard the lovely sound of live music. SAVOR has live music every Friday night. Just another reason you and your significant other (or girlfriends) need to plan a night here soon!



Barre So Hard

Not sure if you've caught on yet, but I have a slight major obsession with Pink Barre! So much so, that I have started to buy all things barre related.

As I was doing a little online browsing shopping recently, I stumbled across Zazzle's wide array of barre themed products! Seriously, the holy grail of all the things you could ever want (forever, ever). 

The products that I absolutely LOVE are my new 'Barre So Hard' tank and 'Meet Me At The Barre' Personalized water bottle! They have tons of styles and colors from you to choose from, so you can customize it to your liking! I mean, can we even?? Side Note: Definitely order a size up on the tank, especially for you tall girls who like a little more length.

If you're in the market for barre gear or honestly anything you could ever want, head over to Zazzle and get your shop on! I mean online shopping burns calories, right?! I'm telling myself it does. 



Meet Your Bar(re) Tender - Kiley

Time for another edition of Meet Your Bar(re) Tender! One of the many reasons I love Pink Barre, are the ladies who come to the classes and the instructors. Seriously, Tara has done a wonderful job in creating a place where ladies can not only get their fitness on, but create friendships!

This week, I'm featuring one of the fabulous Buckhead instructors, Kiley! She's amazing, and great at what she does (kicks my butt on the reg). From a retired NFL cheerleader to Pink Barre instructor to founder of a women's ministry, this lady stays busy!

Everyone has a story. How did you first hear about Pink Barre? 

K: I was recommended by my physical therapist and a chiropractor after tearing my psoas while dancing to take barre as part of my recovery. Because I was in the NFL, I needed a way to recover faster and prevent future injuries as well. Pink Barre provided the set ups I needed to safely heal while developing muscles I never used before! I feel much stronger and even more flexible a year into Pink Barre. Even after many seasons of weight training and dancing for decades, our work outs always challenge me.

I'm a big believer in leading a balanced lifestyle. I'm curious how you juggle it all -- between work, working out, teaching class, and socializing -- how do you do it all?

K: It's been ingrained in me since I was young to balance a busy schedule with a daily workout. I'd be lying if I said it was easy, but because of my dance background, I learned from a young age discipline and boundaries in a busy but healthy lifestyle is key to preventing burn out. While short term fitness goals are always important, one huge goal I've set for myself is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come in order to enjoy a full life.

What's one thing people who be surprised to know about you?

K: Football and sweatpants are my love language. I'm a slight tomboy despite all the high buns and barre clothes! OR (I couldn't decide) I founded a ministry for current and retired professional cheerleaders called Preserve The Light. We meet for Bible studies across the nation, serve our cities, share our testimonies and travel for mission trips internationally.

Being that you're on the go a lot, what do you always make sure to keep with you?

K: A cooler! I have Celiac's disease and also can't eat dairy or soy. A cooler in my car keeps the exact food I need to get through the day while staying safe within my allergy limitations. You'll always find cashews, carrots and humus in my cooler!

When it comes to your diet, what's your motto? 

K: Just EAT! My mentality is everything is OK in moderation, but if you see something you'd like to change in yourself, it needs to be a lifestyle change, not a diet that you'll have to press reset on in a few months.

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen, but there are always days where you need to #TreatYoSelf. How do you treat yourself? 

K: Frozen yogurt is my jam. Whether it's a pint from Kroger or the Menchies that's in our shopping center (which is sometimes torture)... me + ice cream = happy day.

Where is your favorite healthy spot to dine in the city? 

K: I'm an Arden's Garden addict for something quick, but satisfying (or my cooler in the back of my trunk. Joking, kind of)!

What do you love most about Pink Barre? 

K: The community, easily. We're here to support each other as we become the best version of ourselves. That means we focus on set up for exercises so we prevent injuries, but we have FUN from the minute we walk in the door to the long seconds while we hold exercises in class. I love that we laugh throughout our classes!

I struggled with my weight and self image for years. What word of encouragement would you give the ladies who feel like their weight defines their worth? 

K: Girl, I feel you. But what I tell myself is what I tell everyone who struggles with their appearance: You're made exactly how you were intended to be, on purpose and for a purpose. How boring would it be if you walked into class and we all looked the same? Beauty and worth is more than what we see in the Barre mirrors. You are all together beautiful my love, there is no flaw in you. ;)

And for those readers who haven't tried Pink Barre, why should they (other than the fabulous instructors)? 

K: I was hesitant at first, too! But when you step in our doors, you can always expect a smile, warm atmosphere and no matter how many times you come to class (or don't come), you will absolutely be sore the next day! Our workouts are no joke, but I promise several bad jokes during class and some stellar throwback jams on some Thursdays/Fridays!

Huge thank you to Kiley for being a part of this fun series for Pink Barre! If you're interested in joining me for a class, e-mail me or leave a comment below.


Ask Allise

I'm in a season in my life, where my friends are getting married, settling down and looking to buy their first home! So, when my good friend, Allise (who just so happens to work at Harry Norman), mentioned she wanted to team up with me on a fun series, I couldn't say "yes" fast enough! Allise's positive attitude and bubbly personality, make her a go-to realtor in Atlanta. Oh, and she may bring you a thoughtful gift once closing on your house!

With 'Ask Allise,' I will be taking your questions from the comments section, as well as on Twitter using the #AskAllise! For the initial launch, Allise rounded up a list of her Top Ten Buyers Tips.

Top Ten Buyer Tips 
  • Start working with a lender NOW!! The sooner the better. Lenders can help guide you in the right direction, even a year before your purchase. They can offer guidance about many things like taxes and insurance that you can not get from anyone else. 
  • Be curious...Don't Be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions when it comes to making the largest purchase of your life! 
  • Use a REALTOR®! Sellers pay for the commission costs, so there is no reason not to use one. Not all licensed agents are REALTORS® and as a REALTOR®, we pay to be apart of an organization that holds a higher standard of ethics. All REALTORS® are not created equal! It's okay to shop around to find the best fit for you and your needs. Side Note: Your relative or best friend might not always be the best option, it can cause tension on relationships...true story! : ) 
  • Do NOT get into a bidding war and over pay for the house. If the price is right then it might be okay to offer full asking, but be cautious that you don't pay more than what you can sell it for if the market stabilizes or goes down. 

  • Remember, if you LOVE a house then odds are at least a handful of other buyers feel the same. So, be prepared when you find the right house it probably won't be on the market for long. You should be ready to submit an offer and have the pre-qualification letter attached. 
  • Always get a survey and title insurance...better safe than sorry! No need to try and cut corners when it comes to the biggest purchase of your life. 
  • Ask your friends to look for coming soon signs in your favorite neighborhoods and listen for upcoming listings...because it's always better to get a jump start and know before it hits the market. I have had a couple clients who found their homes through friends and through the NextDoor app. 
  • Don't be House Poor. You might be able to "Buy" a house, but can you really afford it? There are a lot of other expenses that go into buying a house. Maintenance, Insurance, HOA dues, the list continues. Know your comfort level and prepare a budget before you start house-hunting. 
  • Take as much time as you would like to purchase a home. Don't let anyone rush you. This is the most important purchase of your life and you deserve to feel 150% confident in your decision.
  • Prepare now!! Check credit scores. Collect W2s from the past three years. And again, it is never too early to start working with a lender. 

 If you're in the market to buy a home, Allise is ready to help you find the right one for you! Feel free to send her an email with any questions you may have. 

In the meantime, be sure comment below with any and all housing Q's, or #AskAllise on Twitter!
 Until next month!



Weekend Event - Barre for Runners

As a girl who loves working out, you may find it hard to believe that running is not my go to for cardio. But according to an article on Fitnessmagazine.com, barre can be a great workout to incorporate into your training if you're a runner,

"Healthy runners, on the other hand, are encouraged to attend barre classes on days when they're not hitting the pavement. "Barre classes can be a great way to cross train and focus on core strength and stability," says Scrementi. Most importantly, runners should focus on core and hip-strengthening exercises. "It doesn't matter what type of cross training you are doing—weights or barre—but that you are sticking with a program that you enjoy."

Pink Barre owner, Tara, is a former Physical Therapist, so this class will tap into the benefits that runners can receive from practicing barre. And this Sunday (July 17th), you have the opportunity to take a free class tailored specifically for runners! Learn how you can become a healthier, stronger runner while supporting a member of the Pink Barre family, Amanda Kowaleski, in her upcoming marathon in NYC! Reserve your mat now!

See you at the barre. 



New Product - San Francisco Salt Company

I love finding out about new products, especially the ones that help me and my muscles relax! In between Pink Barre and my other workouts during the week, my muscles definitely take a beating. And I love me some TLC!

When I found out about these epsom salts, I couldn't draw a bath fast enough Seriously! The San Francisco Salt Company knows a thing or two about epsom salts. Their Epsoak Bundle includes: Sleep Formula (Epsom salt scented with Lavender Essential Oil), Muscle Soak (Epsom Salt scented with Eucalyptus & Peppermint Essential Oil), and our original unscented Epsoak Epsom Salt. 

They offer the best quality epsom salt at the best value. Numerous studies have demonstrated the profound and wide-ranging benefits of soaking in an epsom salt bath. Epsom salts help soothe muscle pain, cleanse pores, and detoxify the skin and contain Magnesium and Sulfur, which helps:

  • Ease stress and improve sleep and concentration 
  • Muscles and nerves function properly 
  • Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes 
  • Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps 
  • Improve oxygen use 
  • Flush toxins 
  • Improve absorption of nutrients 
  • Form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins 
  • Scented with Lavender Essential Oil, Epsoak Sleep Formula also promotes a deeper, better night's sleep. 

My favorite of the salts has to be the Epsoak Muscle Soak with Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils. Ideal for soothing muscle pain and relieving aching feet—perfect for athletes and those who are physically active. Trust me, your muscles will thank you later!

Go get yo fitness on, and order this bundle while you're at it!



Meet Your Bar(re) Tender: Allise

For those that follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook -- you know I'm always tucking it out at Pink Barre! I mean #IWillTuckForTacos

Over the past few months, I've grown to not only love the workout (ok, I'll admit sometimes it's a love/hate, but totally worth the end result), but the instructors are just as amazing! This month I'm featuring Allise, who's infectious personality and love for barre makes taking her class fun (highly recommend her Barre Cardio class, which she created)!

I recently had the chance to interview one of my favorite instructors (they're all fab, btw), and found out she's "just like us!"

You are amazing, and have such a passion for Pink Barre! How did you get connected with the studio?

A: Well, long story short, I met a guy! I owned a barre studio in Tallahassee and when we got married I decided to sell the studio and move to Atlanta to be with my husband. I tried all the studios out to see where I fit in and here I am! Pink Barre is like my family.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is something that's super important for me. In between work, working out, teaching class, and socializing -- how do you juggle it all?

A: I think it is important just to listen to your body and learn how to sometimes say “no." I struggle with the second part of that sentence every single day! Luckily, teaching barre classes gives me the opportunity to get paid to be active. I love barre and that is my happy hour. I get to socialize with my friends and gossip…it is just a healthier type of happy hour!

In between being a real estate agent, Pink Barre instructor, wife, and the list goes on -- what do you eat throughout the day to keep you going?

A: My diet is a WIP (work in progress). My husband has Celiac’s Disease, so he can’t eat any gluten. And we recently started working on limiting complex carbs out of our diet too, because of health reasons. I am learning a lot about eating five smaller meals a day and keeping a very level diet. It is so hard because I grew up eating anything and everything I wanted. Basically it consists of lots of meats, fruit, veggies, yogurt, nuts, etc. I am obsessed with acai bowls right now! I love Detox and Kale Me Crazy, but I think Jamba Juice has my favorite bowls. I try to cook dinner as much as I can, but I keep it simple or I will talk myself out of cooking all together if it takes more than 25 minutes.

We all have that one vice, again with the issue of balance, what's yours?

A: Ummm, just one? I have like ten…or more. I can’t go very long without lattes, wine and chocolate. I am human, after all.

I love your Barre Cardio class! How would you explain the difference between Barre Classic and Barre Cardio? 

A: Barre Cardio is killer! It has a lot more full range motion and it is non-stop. There is no need for a recovery day with a Barre Classic class, but I would suggest taking a recovery day with Barre Cardio. Barre Cardio was designed by me and I designed it to be only taken once (maybe twice) a week as an addition to your weekly barre routine. It is a blast though!!

What do you love most about Pink Barre?

A: I think that Pink Barre has the best personalities, not just the employees but the clients as well. I love being in a room full of chatty girls and the energy is just infectious! No one is perfect, and we don’t claim to be. Tara, the founder, really strives to be the best in the community, and it’s not for the money, it is to help people love their body!

With the society we live in today, image is everything. And as women, we place a huge amount of pressure on how we present ourselves. How do you choose to inspire those who take your classes? 

A: OMG, Instagram is a nightmare right? You can’t scroll too far and not see a picture of Kayla Itsines, TIU girls, and other unrealistic bodies in tiny outfits. First of all, who is really that tan? Second, have you seen what they eat (or not eat)? But in all seriousness, your appearance is only a small part of your health. Being happy and enjoying your life is much more. Like once wise person said, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands”. : )

You mentioned your vice earlier, so where is your favorite spot in Atlanta to indulge?

A: My husband and I frequent Menchie’s…so many options, so little cup!

In addition to Pink Barre, do you workout outside of teaching those classes? If so, how many times a week?

A: I LOVE walking. My friend Carrie and I try to walk twice a week. Sometimes we run, but walking is more enjoyable…it is a fast walk though! I love kickboxing, I try to go once a week to get all of my aggression out. I feel like such a badass after!

For those ladies who are on their journey to creating a healthy lifestyle, what words of encouragement would you give them?

A: Probably the most important thing is to remember that not everything is a competition, but if you are competitive like me then look at your life as a marathon and not a sprint. Slow and steady, and it’s okay to stop and take a break every once in awhile! And like I said before, no one is perfect!!!!

Huge thank you to Allise for being a part of this fun series for Pink Barre! If you're interested in joining me for a class, e-mail me or leave a comment below. 



What They Carry Ft. The Skinny Confidential's Lauryn Evarts

I'm so excited to be bringing one of my favorite series back...and with a BANG! Having a fan girl moment, because the one and only Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential is letting us peek into her bag this week! If you haven't heard of her, I'm assuming you live under a rock. I kid, I kid. But she's an amazing #GirlBoss who I can definitely see myself being BFFs with...right Lauryn?

The Skinny Confidential is all about creating a healthy lifestyle through balance. Think kale in one hand, champagne in the other. Lauryn created The Skinny Confidential while studying at San Diego State University. She was inspired to create a platform for women to connect through her tips & tricks, as well as their own. Since then, the blog has grown into a full-on lifestyle brand, book, fitness guide, YouTube channel & social network, with a product line coming soon. The blog is her home base, where she shares recipes, workouts, fashion, home décor, travel itineraries, personal stories, & more. You can also find her actively engaging on social media; Snapchat (@LAURYNEVARTS) is her current favorite!

Now for the fun part! Here's the 411 on Lauryn's daily essentials:

  • Alligator Clips: I use these little suckers RELIGIOUSLY. The Sleep Bun will save curls & give you perfect mermaid hair. You can use it daily too just to keep your hair out of your face. The best part is that they won’t damage your hair. 
  • TSC Business Cards: You never know who you’ll meet. You definitely want to be ready to share your contact info whether you’re out with friends, at the car wash, or on an airplane. 
  • Pink Eyebrow Brushes: Every woman should be armed with eyebrow brushes. Throw them in your purse, car, desk drawers, boyfriend’s car, KEEP THEM EVERYWHERE. Brushing your eyebrows up gives your face a serious LIFT. See this eyebrow tutorial for more info. 
  • Lip Fusion XXL: Who doesn’t want a little lip plump throughout the day? This lip plumper is the most effective one yet. You’ll notice a HUGE difference, especially if you use it regularly. KYLIE JENNER style. 
  • Sunglasses: This is probably a staple in every girl’s purse during summer. Gotta protect those eyes & skin around them from harmful sun rays! 
  • Time Cube: Time blocking is HUGE for increasing productivity. Keep it in your purse so that no matter where you’re working - at home, in your office, at a coffee shop - you can be the most productive & efficient version of yourself. More on time blocking HERE
  • Bling Wipes: These are the best wipes for giving your jewelry, engagement ring, or dog’s name tag (YES I polish both Pixy & Boone’s bling ) a quick clean & polish. They’re also super easy & convenient to carry in your bag. 
  • Dry Shampoo: When you wash your hair as little as I do, you’ll need this in your bag. Giving yourself a little spritz of dry shampoo after a workout or just to liven things up is ESSENTIAL. 
  • Glossier Highlighter: This highlighter is a total game changer. Reapply if you feel like your face needs some brightness or a quick contour. 
  • Cute Pens: One of the best habits you can get into is writing down inspiration wherever you find it. All you need is a pen & a cute little notebook, you’ll be shocked at how many AMAZING ideas you get every day.
Huge thank you to Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential for letting us into your bag! I know I'll be running out to pick up the Lip Fusion XXL and Glossier Highlighter STAT. If you LOVE this series, comment below & let me know who you want to see featured on the blog!