What They Carry ft.Turquoise & Teale's Ashley Greenwell

Hi! My name is Ashley and I’m the blogger behind Turquoise and Teale, a southern lifestyle + fashion blog. I live in Atlanta with my husband Brian and our golden doodle puppy Oliver! Kelly and I have a large group of mutual friends and became friends via social media first (so 2015, right?). It was a recent media event that brought our tall spirited selves together and she was someone I instantly connected with. I love seeing what other 'must haves’ girls carry in their bags, so this is a series I’m excited to be a part of!

I switch out bags pretty regularly, but have been carrying my Louis Vuitton Speedy the past few weeks. Here’s a glimpse into the staples that I always carry with me:

  • Honest Company Sanitizer: With all the germs and sickness floating around this time of year (and really all year!), I amp up anti-bac usage. I love this one from the Honest Company since it doesn’t have a strong smell and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it.
  • Listerine Strips: Am I the only person besides my dad that still uses these? These strips are great to pop in before a meeting. They dissolve in seconds and leave you with the freshest breath!
  • Jewelry: I always seem to have some bracelet, watch, jewelry piece in my bags. Right now I can’t get enough of these Melinda Maria rings!
  • Kind Bars: It’s no secret that I’m a huge Kind bar fan. I always keep these with me when I travel or in-between appointments when I need a filling but healthy snack.
  • Iphone: Mine is constantly with me. I love this marble case that I currently have on it!
  • EOS Lip Balm: My lips get so dry during the cold weather and I always have a little EOS ball with me! They’re the best.
  • Lip Gloss/Sticks: I like a little color but nothing crazy for my day to day options. I love either of these alone or layered together. Nars Turkish Delight + Too Faced Naked Dolly
  • Sunglasses: There are normally 1-2 pairs with me at all times. These Celine ones aren’t heavy on the face and I’m sucker for a great tortoise design.
  • Monogrammed Pouch: Toss Designs makes the cutest little personalized bags. This one stores my lip favorites and any small loose ends.
  • Wallet: The essential one, right? I’ve had this Tory Burch one for years and not only does it still look brand new but it holds everything I need! 

Thank you to my lovely friend for showing off her gorg bag and daily essentials! Looking forward to having more ladies show you all what they need to power through the day! If you interested in being apart of this fun series, please send me an e-mail OR leave a comment on this post!

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  1. Love this! Ashley is so sweet, and I love snooping inside of other peoples bags! #nosey


  2. Love this series - and LOVE those sunnies! So fun!

    Meg | Peachtree Roadies

  3. Thanks for having me friend! :)