A "WellKept" Secret

Clean house equals a clear mind in my book. For those that haven't been to my house before, it's usually always "clean." I'm slightly extremely OCD (something I get from my mama), but when it comes to deep cleaning my place, that never hardly ever happens.

When I heard about WellKept, I knew immediately I had to book my appointment! Atlanta residents in select areas can now book á la carte home cleaning services by the click of a button. Gone are the days of hiring a cleaner word of mouth or "borrowing" your Mom's cleaning lady. The cherries on top of their efficient appointment process are no minimum requirements, long-term commitments or paying for unwanted services! But let me tell you, it's hard to turn down any one of their amazing services. Not only can you just have a single room cleaned, but you can also add on á la carte services, such as: kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, your oven and fridge! Say good bye to spring cleaning and hello to WellKept!

After booking my appointment early last week, I could hardly stand the arrival of Saturday! To me, it's hard to beat the weekend, but a weekend + a clean house #winning

On Saturday, the WellKept crew arrived 10 minutes early and armed with cleaning supplies! I live in a 3-story town home (2 bedrooms + 2.5 baths). I added the fridge on as one of my "bonuses," because sometimes your fridge just needs some TLC. Within 2 hours, my house was squeaky clean and I was feeling refreshed! It's amazing what a good scrub and dusting can do to your place!

Now that you have heard me rave about my experience with them, it's time to book your appointment today! Whole-home cleanings start at just $60! Having a dinner party and just want your kitchen, dining room and bathroom cleaned? Simply confirm what you want cleaned and when. Done and done. Every cleaning is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all cleanings. To further delight customers us, other home services, such as lawn care, pool cleaning and pest control, will be added to WellKept’s service offerings in the future. I mean, I've hit the cleaning jackpot with this company!

In addition to convenient scheduling via their mobile-friendly website,WellKept will soon launch a mobile app for Android and iOS. For more information, follow WellKept on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



  1. I’m the same way about cleaning— I keep the house clean, but don’t do a ‘deep’ cleaning as often as I probably should. What a great service!

    1. Such a great concept! Look forward to more WellKept days ahead!