SculptHouse Exclusive with Katherine Mason

Last week I gave you the 411 on the 'Fit for Fall' event SculptHouse put on. Such a fun intro to what Atlantans can expect with SculptHouse! As promised, here is part deux of my interview with the beautiful girl boss Katherine Mason!

For those that are unfamiliar with SculptHouse, what kind of workout can they expect? 

SculptHouse is set up in a class format, with a maximum of 11 participants, you’ll always get individual attention from an instructor who’s dedicated to helping you sculpt a powerful physique. You may also find yourself building strong relationships with your fellow workout members that drive you to reach the next level. Sessions are 50-minutes of maximum result, low-impact workouts that shred calories – not joints. Our classes are ideal for men and women at all fitness levels who are looking for a uniquely effective workout. We have two class formats, CardioSculpt, our signature class, and StrengthSculpt, which is formatted in the standard Lagree Fitness method. 

CardioSculpt: Craving a little extra cardio? Incorporate heart-pumping running intervals with NFL-endorsed Woodway® Curve treadmills with resistance training on the Megaformer​. No buttons or motors – completely powered by human motion – the Woodway Curve is unlike any other treadmill you’ve ever used. Control your pace with the patented curved running surface and nearly frictionless slat belt system, a combination that engages more muscle groups – and burns 30% more calories – than motorized treadmills. Twenty-five minutes of strength and conditioning on the Megaformer, twenty-five minutes of cardio on the Curve. ​ 

StrengthSculpt: Get long, lean muscles with Megaformer™ stability training. Utilizing a spring system that allows for a full range of motion with resistance and counter-resistance, the Megaformer targets every inch of your body with slow and controlled movements that strengthen and lengthen muscles. And you power every movement. Jumpstart your metabolism, increase your flexibility and improve your posture with the Megaformer – all with very little stress on your joints. Fifty minutes of strength and conditioning on the Megaformer. ​ 

I noticed you all have tons of fitness apparel, some I've never heard of. What sets SH apart from the other studios that carry fitness apparel? 

Yes! What makes SculptHouse so unique is that it is both a fitness studio and an activewear boutique. We will have about 1,000 sq ft of retail space so we legitimately have a full-scale boutique in addition to our studio. When I was living in NYC I was introduced to lots of athleisure brands through my fitness modeling career. I became completely obsessed with the fitness fashion industry and wondered why it wasn't better represented in the Southeast. This, along with the Megaformer/Woodway combination, is how SculptHouse was born. One day I had an ah-ha moment where I thought 'Why is nobody combining the Megaformer with a HIIT treadmill workout? Why are there no activewear boutiques in the Southeast?

I wanted to create something different from all the big-box players that are already out there. SculptHouse hopes to provide a New York-level fitness studio and boutique to an area that is craving something new. Atlanta has been ready for something like SculptHouse and I wanted to be the person who brought it! 

Katherine Mason is the brains and the style behind the transformative SculptHouse studio. As a lifelong athlete and former Wilhelmina fitness model, she has both the passion and expertise to help others build better bodies through the Lagree Fitness Method. 

Katherine has worked at some of New York City’s most prominent luxury fitness studios, and has represented many global brands – Nike, Under Armour, Reebok and Adidas to name a few – and was named by Shape Magazine as one of the “50 Hottest Female Trainers in America.” You also may have seen her in many fashion and fitness publications, too: Fitness, Women’s Health, Runners World and Vogue. 

Her experience in the fitness fashion arena gives her a unique insight into the trends, functionality and sizing of activewear. She hasn’t just modeled the latest looks; she’s worked out in them! Katherine’s eye for detail shapes the selection at SculptHouse where you’ll find only the hottest athleisure brands. 

Katherine is confident that SculptHouse is the workout experience you’ve been looking for to catapult your fitness routine to the next level – no matter where you’re starting! She’s thrilled to return to her southern roots (she’s a proud graduate of the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications) and share this game-changing opportunity with the Atlanta community.

Stay tuned for updates on SculptHouse and when you can expect for the studio to open its doors!


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