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Gorgeous scarves that fund a girl's education in Ghana? Yes, you heard right. That's the mission of Bené Scarves. And while the company has been around since 2013, I wanted to personally introduce you all to the amazing company and their inspiring Co-Founder and Owner, Michelle Blue. 

I recently had the opportunity to chat (and model a piece from the Fall line) with Michelle and gain insight into how a trip during college changed her life...forever!

For those that have never heard of Bené, what does Bené mean and how did it all come about?

While I was a student at the University of Georgia, I had the opportunity to study abroad to Ghana. Forever changed by the experience my best friend, Sasha, and I were inspired to start Bené, a collection of scarves committed to help support girls in Ghana continue their secondary education by providing tuition, books, supplies and uniforms to fulfill their dreams. When choosing a name for our company, we scoured the dictionary and thesaurus for words that would reflect the spirit of our mission. We came across the word ‘Benevolent’ meaning ‘characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feeling; Desiring to help others’. Bené is derived from this word with a simple meaning- 'good'. 

With your love of fashion and education, what has been the most rewarding part about Bené? 

When we started Bené we knew that we wanted to make a difference in the girls lives that I met on my trip to Ghana. We knew that it had to be sustainable and something greater than the two of us. Through Bené we have committed to sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and uniforms to the girls so that they can continue their education. The girls have their own dreams and aspirations of becoming teachers, doctors and nurses and it’s great knowing that we are helping them make those dreams a reality. When you educate girls, you’re not just educating them, you’re changing their lives, their family lives, and you’re contributing to their countries. When you think about what impact that really has, that can change the world. And if we can be apart of that, I think that’s awesome!


What would you tell all the ladies out there who want to start their own company?

You have to let go of your fears and inhibitions and just go for it. If you are gripped by an idea go for it, you don’t want to live with regrets and question what could have happened. Be sure to prepare yourself by researching your field, gaining experience and getting great mentors but at some point you just have to start. You will never feel like you know enough, have enough money or is the perfect time...and truthfully you never will.

In today’s society, the phrase “Girl Boss” has become a common description of ladies who are rocking it out in their career. What does “Girl Boss” mean to you?

To me, being a “Girl Boss” means striving for great in all that you do. 

You have created such a unique and inspiring company, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the next 5 years we hope to continue to grow our impact to more girls around the world and continue to create beautiful products to do so. 

Michelle Blue was born and raised in Lithonia, GA and graduated high school from Southwest Dekalb High School. Michelle studied Marketing and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Georgia and graduated May 2013. After graduation, Michelle launched her business Bené full time, a collection of scarves committed to providing an education to young girls in Ghana by sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and uniforms so the girls can fulfill their dreams.

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