How To: Make-up for a Fall Wedding Guest

It's that time of year....wedding season is in full swing! And with each wedding comes a long to-do list of prep, and I'm just referring to you as the guest. We've got to buy a gift, card, dress, shoes, nails, hair, and the list goes on! With any event I attend, I love having my make-up done (but weddings are so much more glam)! Of course I have my go-to list of people, but my blogger beauty, Megha has quickly risen to the top of the list!

Megha and I met at a Blogger Mixer in Atlanta and have been dying to do a collab together. Her years of experience with make-up made it an easy decision to have her do my make-up for the one & only Cynthia's wedding! Since I opted to wear a classic LBD, I knew I wanted my make-up to pop! Megha and I exchaged a few emails throughout the week (lots of Pinterest inspo) with ideas I liked. The thing I like about Megha is that not only is she incredibly talented, but she listens! For me that is huge. I've worked with other make-up artists before who have their own "vision," but it's always nice when the artist listens to you!

So, without further adieu, I give you a great look for any wedding you're attending this Fall! The lip completes me. Dead.

Megha, take it away...


1) I always start clients off with a completely bare face

2) The eyes were not the focal part of this look, so I went very clean and simple on then. MAC eyeshadow in vanilla was applied all over the lid to neutralize any darkness, and I added a bit of depth to the crease with saddle, also by mac. This color is fool proof! Fall screams winged eyeliner, and thats such an easy way to look glam without putting in a ton of effort, so thats what we went for. The eyeliner used was the penultimate in rapid black, also by MAC.

3) The base is my absolute favorite part of doing makeup because nothing looks good if the skin hasn't been prepped and painted correctly! Here I used a few colors from my Graftobian HD cream color palette in warm. This is a great artist palette, but individual colors are available to purchase as well. I bronzed also with the same palette, in a couple of shades darker primarily around the forehead. Kelly has normal skin, so I didn't want to powder too much. I used a tiny bit of MAC's mineralize skin finish natural in medium dark to bronze up her skin a bit and powder at the same time.

4) Contour contour contour! I love a chiseled face, and thats exactly what Kelly's face is all about! I contoured with darker colors from my Graftobian cream palette, and set it with MAC's contour color in bronze.

5) We finished the look off by darkening up her eyebrows with MAC eyeshadow in orb, and a darker yet feminine pink lip. The color on the lips is sin, also by MAC. We used Ardell demi wispie lashes, and the look was complete!

I mean, how gorg is this look?! I'm obsessed with the eye, contour, lip and I could go on! Megha made me feel like a million bucks...and isn't that the best feeling?!

If you're interested in having her do your make-up for an upcoming event, check her bio & social media channels down below. I have no doubt you'll love her work!

Here's a group pic of me and Allie (of Peachfully Chic) with the stunning bride (Cynthia of Darling Down South)! Hope you're having the trip of a lifetime in Itay!

What's your favorite Fall beauty trend? Let me know in the comments below!


Megha Agrawal | Atlanta Based Freelance Makeup Artist 

I am an avid fashion and beauty lover, and have been since I was 5! Youtube started off as a hobby for me, and quickly developed into a business. I loved showing people how to look and feel like their most attractive version of themselves, somehow people wanted to learn from me! Fast forward a couple of years, and now I have a successful blog and Instagram page as well where my followers and I engage in conversation and learn from each other.

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  1. Lets be honest, you are stunning regardless but omg Megha did a fabulous job! Such talent! I will take all the pointers I can get!

    Thank you!!

    Tierney // Fashion to a T

    1. Aw, coming from such a stunner yourself, that's such a compliment! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial! Maybe we need to plan a GNO and have Megha do our makeup!


  2. Seriously, you look so freaking good without makeup

  3. Thank you, Sienna!! It's amazing what Megha is able to go with a blank canvas!

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