How To: Make-up for a Fall Wedding Guest

It's that time of year....wedding season is in full swing! And with each wedding comes a long to-do list of prep, and I'm just referring to you as the guest. We've got to buy a gift, card, dress, shoes, nails, hair, and the list goes on! With any event I attend, I love having my make-up done (but weddings are so much more glam)! Of course I have my go-to list of people, but my blogger beauty, Megha has quickly risen to the top of the list!

Megha and I met at a Blogger Mixer in Atlanta and have been dying to do a collab together. Her years of experience with make-up made it an easy decision to have her do my make-up for the one & only Cynthia's wedding! Since I opted to wear a classic LBD, I knew I wanted my make-up to pop! Megha and I exchaged a few emails throughout the week (lots of Pinterest inspo) with ideas I liked. The thing I like about Megha is that not only is she incredibly talented, but she listens! For me that is huge. I've worked with other make-up artists before who have their own "vision," but it's always nice when the artist listens to you!

So, without further adieu, I give you a great look for any wedding you're attending this Fall! The lip completes me. Dead.

Megha, take it away...


1) I always start clients off with a completely bare face

2) The eyes were not the focal part of this look, so I went very clean and simple on then. MAC eyeshadow in vanilla was applied all over the lid to neutralize any darkness, and I added a bit of depth to the crease with saddle, also by mac. This color is fool proof! Fall screams winged eyeliner, and thats such an easy way to look glam without putting in a ton of effort, so thats what we went for. The eyeliner used was the penultimate in rapid black, also by MAC.

3) The base is my absolute favorite part of doing makeup because nothing looks good if the skin hasn't been prepped and painted correctly! Here I used a few colors from my Graftobian HD cream color palette in warm. This is a great artist palette, but individual colors are available to purchase as well. I bronzed also with the same palette, in a couple of shades darker primarily around the forehead. Kelly has normal skin, so I didn't want to powder too much. I used a tiny bit of MAC's mineralize skin finish natural in medium dark to bronze up her skin a bit and powder at the same time.

4) Contour contour contour! I love a chiseled face, and thats exactly what Kelly's face is all about! I contoured with darker colors from my Graftobian cream palette, and set it with MAC's contour color in bronze.

5) We finished the look off by darkening up her eyebrows with MAC eyeshadow in orb, and a darker yet feminine pink lip. The color on the lips is sin, also by MAC. We used Ardell demi wispie lashes, and the look was complete!

I mean, how gorg is this look?! I'm obsessed with the eye, contour, lip and I could go on! Megha made me feel like a million bucks...and isn't that the best feeling?!

If you're interested in having her do your make-up for an upcoming event, check her bio & social media channels down below. I have no doubt you'll love her work!

Here's a group pic of me and Allie (of Peachfully Chic) with the stunning bride (Cynthia of Darling Down South)! Hope you're having the trip of a lifetime in Itay!

What's your favorite Fall beauty trend? Let me know in the comments below!


Megha Agrawal | Atlanta Based Freelance Makeup Artist 

I am an avid fashion and beauty lover, and have been since I was 5! Youtube started off as a hobby for me, and quickly developed into a business. I loved showing people how to look and feel like their most attractive version of themselves, somehow people wanted to learn from me! Fast forward a couple of years, and now I have a successful blog and Instagram page as well where my followers and I engage in conversation and learn from each other.

Follow Megha on Social Media:  


Barre to Brunch | A Sunday at Avalon

When it comes to weekend activities, I would have to say a solid workout followed by food of some kind, ranks at the top of the list for me! I commonly refer to this activity as 'Barre to Brunch.' A couple weekends ago, I had the opportunity to host a couple blogger girlfriends at Avalon! What a way to start a beautiful Sunday morning.

Our first stop of the day was a class at Exhale! Kristen, our awesome instructor, led us through an intense Core Fusion Barre class. I always love to start my day with a great workout, before I indulge in my favorite meal of the week.

After the class, we all did a little "window shopping!" From bkr bottles to eye-catching workout wear, Exhale has you covered.  Exhale also offers several classes besides the Core Fusion Barre, including: Core Fusion Barre + Cardio, Core Fusion Boot Camp, Core Fusion Cardio, Core Fusion Extreme, Core Fusion Sport, Core Fusion Yoga & Core Cycling!

And with locations at Avalon, Inman Park and in Midtown; there is a studio for everyone! I am biased to the Avalon location, because of all the fun things you can do there. You can spend an entire day working out, dining, shopping and even catching the latest flick! 

We decided to make an entire morning/afternoon with our Sunday! Our next "pit" stop was to grab a latte post-barre. 

After our workout, we had a little down time until brunch at Oak Steakhouse. Cynthia (of Darling Down South) recommend we pop into Caffè Antico for lattes. The Caffe provides such a classic European experience and while we didn't have time to dine al fresco on the patio; we did take full advantage of the espresso bar, which serves up Illy macchiatos and lattes throughout the day! Perfect for a midday pick me up!

While we continued to sip on our lattes, the girls and I made our way to our final stop of the afternoon, Oak Steakhouse. I had dined at Oak before for dinner, but never had the opportunity to experience their brunch! 

Based on first impressions (referring to my first brunch experience with Oak), Oak hit it out of the park! Upon our arrival, they had mimosas waiting on us! And shortly after we were seated, our waiter brought out a round of appetizers. Let's just say our jaws hit the floor (and my mouth started to water), when our eyes saw what the chef had prepared. 

To start we nibbled inhaled: a Cinnamon Roll with house-made vanilla icing, Poutine crispy shoestring fries smothered with house made cheese curds and pork gravy & Local Apple Fritter a house-made fried pastry with cinnamon sugar dusting. 

This is why I love brunch. Because you can get array of delectable bites, which can range from "fries" to a cinnamon roll.

Once we had made a sufficient dent in the small plates, we decided we still had room for an entrée. But when it comes to  narrowing it down to one item at brunch, that is never an easy task! That's why I always make sure to grab a couple of girlfriends. Simple logic: More friends = more food. Also, #SharingIsCaring

 It's always a good idea to divide an conquer any menu you should encounter, thus, Cynthia went with the Classic Eggs Benedict an english muffin. country ham. 2 hour poached farm eggs with hollandaise.

Allison (of Peachfully Chic) and I opted for the Grilled Steak & Eggs their CAB bistro steak. scrambled farm eggs. grilled local tomatoes and bearnaise sauce. 

After our 2-hour brunch winded down, we bid our adieus and headed home to enjoy the rest of our Sunday with full hearts and even fuller stomachs. 


Thank you to Emily Salerno for arranging this day at Avalon for me and my blogger friends! And to Holly, Kristen and the staff at Oak Steakhouse. While our class at Exhale was comped and brunch items were comped, all the opinions are my own.


New #Basic Approved Dish | Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

When it comes to the month of October, it's a busy one in my book (to say the least)! In between weddings, events and my birthday, I feel like the energizer bunny. I just keep going and going...

In between those rare moments  nights where I can come home from work, put my PJs on and whip up something in the kitchen -- I take FULL advantage! 

My roommate is great, but her cooking skills are sub par. Love you, J! But she is great at pinning recipes that she'd like me to make. When I saw this particular pin, I got super excited! I had been craving something with pumpkin (besides a #PSL) and thought this would be the perfect combo. Pumpkin + macaroni = life changing. 

As I breezed through what I would need to get from the store, I noticed whole grain pasta. I usually try to omit starchy carbs when I can. But knew I couldn't sub zucchini zoodles into this dish, Just wouldn't taste right. I had heard of Banza pasta before and thought it would make a great addition to this pumpkin dish. Being that Banza makes their noodles with chickpeas, you're getting a meal higher in protein (winning) and with less carbs (there are still carbs though).

This dish is perfect for any night of the week! It keeps well, so you'll have leftovers the next day for lunch (always a bonus).

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

1 pound macaroni of choice (preferably whole grain) - I used Banza pasta! The pasta is made from chickpeas (aka high in protein)! Loved the taste and saved some calories and carbs for the wine!
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided 
2 large shallots, diced (approx. 1 cup) 
4 garlic cloves, roughly chopped (approx. 1 tablespoon) 
1 teaspoon smoked paprika 1 teaspoon dried sage 
1 teaspoon tumeric (optional) 
1 head of kale, stem removed and roughly chopped (approx. 2 cups) - Feel in love with this dish even more when I saw kale in the recipe!
15 ounces pumpkin purée (1 can or approx. 2 cups) 
1 teaspoon vegetable bouillon + 1/2 cup reserved pasta water
1/2 cup unsweetened plain non-dairy milk (such as almond, cashew, soy or rice milk) 
1/3 cup nutritional yeast 
 salt & pepper to taste 
 chopped fresh sage for topping (optional) - Not a huge sage fan, but makes for a gorgeous garnish

For the entire recipe, click to see my Pin here! And let me know what kind of pumpkin dishes you're making this season!


What They Carry Ft. GILTY as Charged's Harrison Sapp

Originally from small-town South Carolina, Harrison is the founder & editor behind the fashion blog, GILTY as charged! Growing up playing and styling in her grandmother’s shop, she has always been happiest when inside of a well-stocked closet. Currently her closet is located in Atlanta, GA where she lives with her equally fashionable kitty-cat, Coco Chanel.

Now for the fun part of this series, where we peak into Harrison's go-to tote:

  • This neutral tote from Daily Look has been a permanent fixture on my forearm since I adopted her back in October. It goes with everything and sometimes even doubles as a carry-on. The bigger the bag, the smaller you look, no? I love the way my wine-colored tassel from Mel Boteri stands out against the nude leather.
  • Ever since Atlanta decided to acknowledge the winter season, these Kate Spade gloves have been tucked inside every bag I carry. I love the two-toned leather and the bow detail gives them a little something extra.
  • I cannot go anywhere without at least two pairs of sunglasses. A girl needs options, am I right? These green tinted Ray-Bans are lightweight and add a fun pop of color no matter what you are wearing.
  • I am a huge believer in lists and, in turn, own tons of little notebooks. This little pink one was a gift from a friend and fellow boss babe, and I love its little gold message.
  • Right now I am toting around TWO wallets because I got this precious Rebecca Minkoff leopard one for Christmas from my best and I can’t seem to part with it. I carry cash in it and then all of my cards are in my Louis Vuitton one. I am realizing how absurd that is as I am typing it...
  • NYX is my favorite drugstore brand when it comes to lip glosses and lipsticks. I have no less than 2 NYX products in my bag at any given time, and typically is it closer to 5! I love that they don’t dry out like some other brands do.
  • As a blogger I am constantly trying to network. Keeping my business cards in this little gold croc case makes them easy to spot in my bag.
  • I have more hair ties than anyone should ever admit to owning. These knotted elastics don’t leave a crease, which is the golden rule when it comes to keratin-treated hair.
  • My mom and I were antique shopping in Atlanta when I came across this little Dana Gibson leopard pouch. I am a sucker for a pouch of any kind, but this one was practically begging to live with me. It currently holds all 497 lip glosses that I insist on toting around.
  • For face touch-ups throughout the day, I always carry bareMinerals Complexion Rescue and a beauty blender. This little lifesaver is a tinted cream that is also super moisturizing during these hateful dry winter months.



Brunch O'Clock feat. Ormsby's

It's almost time for the weekend (t-minus 2 hours, not that I'm counting), and you know what the means?! Brunch. I don't know about you, but in my book 'brunch' is a verb. I recently took my talents and appetite over to the Westside! Ormsby's has added brunch to their repertoire, who is known by most for the games and fun atmosphere. When I found out the good news, I decided to make a reservation stat! 

So, my best friend of 20+ years and I nestled into the booth and got to work aka looking over the menu. The Ormsby's team was extremely welcoming and made us feel like VIP with our 'Reserved' sign on the table. Not long after getting settled in, Michael (one of the General Mangers) came over to greet us! He went over the delicious brunch items and mentioned a few of their refreshing cocktails. My BFF and I both went with the Classic Champagne Cocktail with cherry bitters. OMG - life changing. You must order one when you go!

As we sipped on our champs, we decided to go with something healthy to start. I'm all about balance! And with Chicken & Waffles on the menu, I need I should add some veggies to my meal. I am a sucker for anything with sriracha and when I noticed their Crispy Brussels, Goat Cheese, Pancetta were topped with a Sriracha Mayo, I about died. Serious salivation going on!  

With the champs flowing (kidding, I am only on my first at this stage), we decided it was time to figure out which route we were going! While everything sounded amazing (including their French Toast + Shrimp & Grits), I opted for the Salmon Croquette Benedict (poached eggs, salmon croquette, wilted spinach, English muffin, hollandaise) complete with a side of chipotle cheddar grits.

My friend went with the Corned Beef & Hash (braised corned beef, potato hash, sunny side up egg, steamed cabbage). I had a bite, just to taste test, and it was phenomenal! First time having this classic Irish dish, and it won't be my last! PS - It's in the BFF handbook that you always share a bite (or three).

As we began to finish our entrees, Michael came out to ask if we'd saved room for dessert. While I go in with good intentions, I always ask to see what's on the menu. He said they had an incredible Fried PB&J, and I promptly told him to say no more! #Sold #PeanutButterLover

A Fried PB&J + another Champagne Cocktail with lavender bitters this time, and I felt like I was in heaven. BEST. MEAL. EVER. 

Thank you so much to the Ormby's chef and staff for serving up the Southern hospitality! If you're looking for a new brunch spot, I highly recommend you try them and their ridiculous menu out. As always, you can thank me later!


Thank you to Morgan Dyches of Melissa Libby & Associates for the meal! While this was comped meal, all the opinions are my own


New Find - Bené Scarves

Gorgeous scarves that fund a girl's education in Ghana? Yes, you heard right. That's the mission of Bené Scarves. And while the company has been around since 2013, I wanted to personally introduce you all to the amazing company and their inspiring Co-Founder and Owner, Michelle Blue. 

I recently had the opportunity to chat (and model a piece from the Fall line) with Michelle and gain insight into how a trip during college changed her life...forever!

For those that have never heard of Bené, what does Bené mean and how did it all come about?

While I was a student at the University of Georgia, I had the opportunity to study abroad to Ghana. Forever changed by the experience my best friend, Sasha, and I were inspired to start Bené, a collection of scarves committed to help support girls in Ghana continue their secondary education by providing tuition, books, supplies and uniforms to fulfill their dreams. When choosing a name for our company, we scoured the dictionary and thesaurus for words that would reflect the spirit of our mission. We came across the word ‘Benevolent’ meaning ‘characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feeling; Desiring to help others’. Bené is derived from this word with a simple meaning- 'good'. 

With your love of fashion and education, what has been the most rewarding part about Bené? 

When we started Bené we knew that we wanted to make a difference in the girls lives that I met on my trip to Ghana. We knew that it had to be sustainable and something greater than the two of us. Through Bené we have committed to sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and uniforms to the girls so that they can continue their education. The girls have their own dreams and aspirations of becoming teachers, doctors and nurses and it’s great knowing that we are helping them make those dreams a reality. When you educate girls, you’re not just educating them, you’re changing their lives, their family lives, and you’re contributing to their countries. When you think about what impact that really has, that can change the world. And if we can be apart of that, I think that’s awesome!


What would you tell all the ladies out there who want to start their own company?

You have to let go of your fears and inhibitions and just go for it. If you are gripped by an idea go for it, you don’t want to live with regrets and question what could have happened. Be sure to prepare yourself by researching your field, gaining experience and getting great mentors but at some point you just have to start. You will never feel like you know enough, have enough money or is the perfect time...and truthfully you never will.

In today’s society, the phrase “Girl Boss” has become a common description of ladies who are rocking it out in their career. What does “Girl Boss” mean to you?

To me, being a “Girl Boss” means striving for great in all that you do. 

You have created such a unique and inspiring company, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In the next 5 years we hope to continue to grow our impact to more girls around the world and continue to create beautiful products to do so. 

Michelle Blue was born and raised in Lithonia, GA and graduated high school from Southwest Dekalb High School. Michelle studied Marketing and Fashion Merchandising at the University of Georgia and graduated May 2013. After graduation, Michelle launched her business Bené full time, a collection of scarves committed to providing an education to young girls in Ghana by sponsoring tuition, books, supplies and uniforms so the girls can fulfill their dreams.

Stay up to date on all things Bené: Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @BeneScarves!

Shop the Fall collection at Bené Scarves, use promo code ‘KALEMEKELLY’ for 15% off your first purchase!



New Find - Ground 2 Table

Ground 2 Table is an organic food company, passionate about serving up flavorful, organic and sustainable food in new ways. Ground 2 Table’s product offerings include 12 organic Spice Blends, free of salt, sugar, artificial flavorings and GMOs, and four Gourmet Flavor Kits, perfectly portioned, single use recipe packs that includes organic fresh herbs coupled with a spice blend companion and an easy-to-use recipe. By providing an innovative, individual use packet of products typically sold in bulk, Ground 2 Table hopes to educate consumers on small steps they can take to embrace the Buy Small | Use It All™ revolution. Each product inspires culinary creativity for anyone from beginner cooks to accomplished chefs by providing endless ways to mix and match foods. Ground 2 Table products are the fastest way to make any basic meal gourmet and ordinary snack sensational while conserving resources and budget dollars.

Fall is the season where we indulge in classic comfort food with flavors like pumpkin, apples, cinnamon and sweet potatoes. Often times the question comes up on how to enjoy delicious food while incorporating healthy habits. Not to worry because Ground 2 Table, a conscious organic food company passionate about serving flavorful and organic food in new ways, is here to help you enjoy your favorite fall meals and snacks all season long without feeling guilty. By offering 12 organic spice blends, along with their four brand new Gourmet Flavor Kit varieties of single-use recipe packs, made without salt, sugar or fillers, Ground 2 Table has made it easier to mix and match food using their range of blends in endless ways.

When I received their shipment of goodies, I was eager to get in the kitchen! I've been slacking on one of my #NewYearsResolutions, which was to make/try a new dish a week. My roommate loves (well majority of the time) this night of the week! So when the Ground 2 Table package arrived, she and her stomach we eager to taste test (as was I).

I love making salmon and veggies, but thought this would be the perfect opportunity to mix it up a bit! I love my go-to Kale Me Kelly Caesar Salad (kale, roasted garbonzo beans & caesar dressing) & decided a nice piece of salmon would complete the meal!

Ground 2 Table's 'Gourmet Flavor Kits' are amazing! The package was sent overnight and arrived fresh to my doorstep the following day. The kit includes fresh herbs and spices -- in just the right amount! So no more wasting extra herbs, because I mean who does that?! #Guilty

To purchase their spices and flavor kits, click HERE! Let me know which kit you're eager to try! And as always, Bon Appétit!