Where to Eat: Dragon Bowl

For those that know me (personally), you know I tend to stay within my "bubble," especially when it comes to restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I love trying new things, but it's like my Dad always says, "if it's not broke, don't fix it." My neighborhood has tons of great spots, which I tend to frequent more than others. But last week when I got the invite to try out taste test Dragon Bowl's menu, I couldn't say no...I mean who turns down food?!

So last Tuesday my best friend, Callie, and I ventured over to Emory Village for some Asian fusion. Dragon Bowl is located on a quaint street in Emory Village with several other restaurants and shops (one of which we ventured to after dinner...more on that later), which has a great vibe. With every new restaurant I check out, I always do my research drool over the menu prior to going. I had several friends tell me to try their Infused Sake and that I couldn't go wrong with one of their bowls! Excited to order eat, my bestie and I placed our order: an order of their Infused Sake, Sangria of the Day, Samosa Rolls (three crispy spring rolls filled with curried potatoes and caramelized onions. Served with tamarind yogurt sauce), Ancient Grains Superfood Bowl with Pork for me & BiBimBap with Chicken for Callie. Geez, looking back you'd think we were feeding a small army.

While catching up on life, the food quickly arrived at our table. The colors of the bowls are amazing! So much flavor and food packed into each one (the portions are massive). I highly recommend splitting a couple bottles of their Infused Sake. Some of the smoothest I've ever had! And their bowls are insanely flavorful! I could have eaten the whole thing, but decided to save half for lunch (the next day). #GrownUpProblems

Being that we're BFFS, Rule #753 in the BFF handbook states, "I must always share my food with you." After exchanging multiple bites, I knew this would not be my last time to dine at Dragon Bowl.

Not that I should be hungry or need anything else after our meal, but we decided to take a stroll up the street and look around. Since I typically don't get out to Decatur that often, it was nice to see all that it had to offer!

But it was Ali's Cookies that took the cake cookie. Holy cow! I love cookies and ice-cream more than a lot of things (but I'd hate to bore you), so when I saw the store front I knew what had to happen. Walking into the chocolate chip aroma, I knew this is what an earthly heaven must feel like. Row and rows of cookies lined the store!

The girls working there were awesome and told us how the process works: 1) Pick your cookie (or two) 2) Decide if you want an ice-cream sandwich 3) If you proceed with the sandwich route (smart choice, btw), you will need to pick an ice-cream flavor. I went with the M&M cookie with Butter Pecan ice-cream! Heaven in a bowl.

See, I'm a simple girl. Give me dinner and an ice-cream sandwich with my best friend, and I'm a happy girl!


PS - Thanks to Cynthia of Darling Down South for the recommendation to stroll next door to Ali's Cookies. BEST. DECISION. THAT. WEEK.