It's a Lifestlye

...is my response to everyone who wants to know what I eat, how much I work out, how much cardio vs. strength training I do, and the list goes on! I don't believe in dieting...I love queso WAY too much. I believe in living a balanced lifestyle and doing things that I want to do, not things I HAVE to do. Because at the end of the day if you enjoy spin class, you're more likely to go!

My trainer, Kendall, is amazing! She is great about mixing the workouts up, whether it's a new circuit, leg day or my "favorite" arm day, I'm never bored! For me it's important to not get bored with my workouts, or else I dread going if I know what to expect. If you're looking to get #bikiniready or just to improve what you're already working with, Kendall is the girl for the job. On top of training me, she's joined an awesome company, Bode Sculpt. Bode Sculpt is a unique program designed just for women that want a lean, toned body fast through proper nutrition and exercise! Be sure to follow her right now on her Insta...I'll wait. OK, back to Bode Sculpt. It's not like other "diets," which is way I am obsessed with it! The food is stuff you probably already buy and the recipes are easy (and delicious). Win-win in my book!

After talking with my girl, we wanted to let you all in on the secret, too! Whether you're a 20-something always on the go, working mom, or looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this plan is one size fits all!

Kendall's Tip & Tricks for The Working Girl:

  • Create music playlists of songs to work out to 
  • Set alarms for eating- every 3 hours! 
  • Always carry snacks with you- such as almonds, healthy protein bars, fruit.
  • Set your workout clothes out the night before (*BONUS* The cuter your workout clothes, the more motivated you are to workout! Nike, Lululemon & Victoria Secret all have awesome options!)
  • AVOID alcohol (if at all possible)!

When it comes to the food portion of the plan aka my favorite part, these are a couple of my favorite options for breakfast and a mid-morning/afternoon snack!

Greek yogurt with Nuts N’ Honey 
• One of my favorites! Love Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt topped with Organic Raw Cashews + Agave. 

*BONUS* Buy the individual size and keep some at the office!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
• 1 cup light chocolate milk (chocolate almond milk/rice milk)
• 1 tsp. all natural nut butter
• 1 banana
• ½ - 1 cup ice

7-Minute Abs: Also, included in the program as an added bonus is the 7-Minute Ab Series. Short and sweet! Just 7 minutes of your day. You'll be sore, but with #bikniseason right around the corner, you'll thank me later!

To buy Bode Sculpt, click HERE. Like I said, it's super easy & is the perfect fit for any lifestyle!

As always, follow kalemekelly on Instagram and show me what recipes you are making from the blog! Use the hashtag #kalemekelly. I want to see what you're loving!


Kelly & Kendall

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