Barre and the Brunch

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend celebrating the 1st Birthday of my friend Allison Cawley's adorable blog, Peachfully Chic! Be sure to stay tuned for highlights from the party. On Sunday, I started my journey in getting #SVELTE and capped the night off at a tasting for a new pizza spot, Pizza Crosta (it's uh-mazing and they have gluten free options)!

Gluten-Free Pizza with Lamb, Ham, Pineapple, Mozzarella & Spicy Tomato Sauce + Nut & Berries Salad

But today's post is all about the barre, yes barre, not the b-a-r. That comes after! So, #SundayFunday started off with my second ever Signature Barre class at Svelte. Elizabeth, the owner of Svelte, was our instructor for the class Sunday morning. No pressure, right?! Wrong. The class starts once you walk into the studio. You grab a set of one or two pound weights, a ball and a mat (eventually). The resistance band is already at your "station." Once you find your place at the barre (a lot easier than finding a spot at Ivy), the class begins with a brief warm-up. Once you are warm (trust me it doesn't take long), you get right to work toning each muscle group. From arms to legs to abs, Svelte's Signature Barre class, you hit it all! The class is 60 minutes, but with Elizabeth's encouraging words and Rihanna's killer new song in the background you will be on your way in no time!

Love starting the day off with a workout and good friends! 
There are a few tips I would suggest if you've never been to Svelte or are new to barre:

  • Socks - Be sure to purchase a pair of Svelte's super cute socks ($8/pair), or grab a pair from your local sporting goods store. They are essential for the moves you will do in the classes. And if you're anything like me aka clumsy, you will need that added grip barre socks provide!
  • Patience - You think a split comes to you naturally? These things take time. So, do the best you can and remember that practice makes perfect!
  • Workout buddy - Whether it's gathering a group of girlfriends and making a #SundayFunday out of it, or enlisting in your supportive BF, an accountability partner makes the workout more bearable! 
After starting the day with a solid workout, my girlfriends and I decided to continue the fun at Bantam + Biddy for brunch! They have a new location at Lenox Mall (right beside True Food Kitchen). Nothing I love more than bacon, eggs and mimosas! Perfect Sunday, IMO. 

I am excited to take you all on my Svelte journey this month. I've already signed up for Svelte Yoga and Barre Bootcamp, so be sure to check them out ASAP! 

If you're in the Atlanta-area, I would LOVE for you to join me for a class, it's on me! Just select your class and use the promo code 'kalemekelly.' It'll be fun, I promise. And if it's not fun, it'll be worth it. 

PS - I love any excuse to buy a new outfit, so if you're in need of the deets on my barre ensemble look no further! Shop my barre look HERE --> Top // Leggings // Socks (Sold exclusively at Svelte's studios).



  1. We've got to get in to try Svelte! and LOVE those pants :)

    --Kelly & Meg
    Peachtree Roadies

  2. Yes, y'all do! Let me know when you want to go. And thanks, slightly obsessed with the kale like pattern :)