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OK fashion lovers don't be mad, but I'm a bit biased when it comes to this "week." I love seeing all the new lines each season, but there's something about Restaurant Week that gets me oh, so excited! I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the FOOD portion. Pun intended. If I were to have an online dating profile, it would be simple and to the point, "I. Love. Food." I like to let the guy know what he's getting himself into on the front end.

With Buckhead Restaurant Week going on this week (April 18-26th), I intend on taking full advantage of all it has to offer! So last night, I "recruited" two of my girlfriends to go to True Food Kitchen with me, and check restaurant number one off the list. The link directs you straight to the prix fixe menu they're offering. 

I'll tell you from a first-hand account, it was amazing! I've been to True Food several times before, but decided to try everything I have not had before. Mix it up!

The first course is your choice between their Soup of the Day or Miso Soup, Kale Salad or Hummus.
MY PICK: Hummus - Light and refreshing! The olives added a nice touch.

For the second course, they offer you the option of their Panang Curry Chicken, Spaghetti Squash Casserole, Red Chili Shrimp or Moroccan Chicken 
MY PICK: The Panang Curry Chicken - I LOVE curry. Slight obsession. TFK's hit the spot. Will be back for seconds!

The cherry on top  final course (and best in my humble opinion) presents three tasty options: Chia Seed Pudding, Superberry Tart or the Pomegranate Yuku Sorbet! Being that I had my girls with me, we got one of each and all got to try a sampling of each!

Be sure to check out the full listing on Buckhead restaurants participating in lunch and/or dinner HERE! I would love to hear where you all go and what I need to try. Use the #kalemekelly on Instagram (@kalemekelly) or Twitter (@_kellymcgill), and be sure to follow me!

BONUS: If you dine there this Wednesday, April 22 for Earth Day, you'll receive 25% OFF your entire order!

Have a great week! And may the fork be with you.

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