Ladies Who Brunch feat. Erica Key

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of joining some of my new blogger beauties (and friends) at Tin Can Fish House & Oyster Bar for a lovely brunch! The event was hosted by the one and only Erica Key, of Eating With Erica, and boy can this girl put an event together. From the party favors to the fresh flowers that provided the decorations for the tables, Erica was extremely thoughtful in her planning. I also loved her personalized invites she sent out via e-mail. Too cute!

The two guest speakers, Melissa D. White and Lizette C. Leanza, were both amazing! Each provided us ladies with tips and tricks that we all could benefit from at a corporate lunch or on your next date night. Here are a few of my takeaways from the brunch:

1. If you're going to lunch with a potential client or a decision maker, read up on them! Know your stuff, and be able to ask questions about articles or things that are of interest to them.

2. Don't be shy. If you want to connect with someone in your field on LinkedIn, send them a brief message about who you are. If you can sum it up in 30 seconds or less, you need to refine what you're all about!

3. Let the host (or who you're meeting with) set the tone. If they order a cocktail, you can follow suit. If that's your cup of tea (...you know what I mean). 

4. Know your B to D. Take your LEFT hand and make a 'b.' Now take your RIGHT hand and make the letter 'd.' Your bread aka 'b' goes on the LEFT side of your plate, and the 'd' which is your drink goes on the RIGHT side. 

5. Most restaurants wine lists go from sparkling wines to red wines. From light to full bodied. And if sweet wines (aka Riesling) are your thing, don't be ashamed! Feel free to ask the waiter/waitress which of the options listed are drier, then go with the less dry wine. The drier the wine, the less sweet it is! You're welcome.

Adorable party favor & menu for the brunch

Can anyone say mimosa? 

The wine glasses Erica gifted each of her guests with for the event!

Tin Can Salad

Shrimp and Crab Cake Benedict paired with Sweet Potato Tots

Thanks Allison (of Peachfully Chic) for letting me "borrow" your Key Lime Pie!
After looking back at these pictures, I'm getting hungry! Be sure to check out Tin Can Fish House & Oyster Bar next time you're in the Sandy Springs area. 

They are having their 4th Annual Oyster Roast & Crawfish Boil Saturday, April 25 at 4pm! 

Thanks again for gathering so many inspiring people in one place, Erica. Such a treat!

Erica Key 

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