C'mon...It's Good For You

One of my favorite companies, Good Measure Meals, is rolling out their NEW customizable meal plan feature in less than two weeks! Mark your calendars people, Monday, April 27th. As you know, I did their 5-Day Meal Plan last month. But when GMM reached out to me recently to inform me of this new feature, I couldn't say no. I LOVE food. I've selected the 5-Day Dinner Plan, and start the week of April 27th. Join me! For all my Southerns, they have a Southern Style Oven "Fried" Chicken. Need I say more?

If you're like me and dying to try them out, you're in luck! The gracious girls over at GMM are giving all my readers 10% off a new plan! Just use the promo code 'Kelly.' I can't have y'all being all hangry (...the struggle is real)!

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