A Different Kind of Barre

Back when I started to realize the importance of fitness, I discovered the treadmill wasn't the only tool I could use to get a good workout in. There were these awesome things called classes, where I could go and be motivated by other people in the class! Game changer. Whether you're a fan of your local gym, DVDs, personal training, ClassPass, the key is to stay active and mix up your routine!

During the week, I go to the athletic club in my building. They have tons of classes available during my lunch break, but also your standard gym equipment. Once the weekend rolls around, I like to try out new classes around the Atlanta area! Just like the construction in the city, there is always a new, fitness studio or class popping up. This past Wednesday my friend, Mary Hollis, invited me and a group of friends for a Girl's Night Out at Pink Barre! First off, what a cute studio! I had been to Pure Barre before, but Pink Barre definitely plays up on the "barre" theme and girly vibe. 

If you've never taken a barre class, I highly recommend checking out one of the Pink Barre studios closest to you! Although the moves are small and the weights are light, do not be deceived, you will be sweating by the end of the "warm up." Or maybe that's just me. 

During the 55 minute class we conducted precise, low-impact movements that made us focus and work muscles I hadn't used in a hot minute. The goal is to target and tone those common "problem areas" for us women aka arms, thighs, seat and core. As noted on their website, "results will be achieved typically after a single month of Pink Barre classes." So sign up for your Pink Barre membership TODAY!

PS - On Wednesday's they wear pink!

Remember, if you try out one of their classes use the #kalemekelly. See you at the barre!

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